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Survey, Cevipof : Manuel Valls ” présidentiable “, Benoît Hamon and Arnaud Montebourg “sympathetic” – The World

The former prime minister appears more “efficient” but far from the people, unlike his two rivals, according to the survey by the Cevipof, and carried out to ” The World “.

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the image of The main candidates in the primary to the left.

The results of the survey, Cevipof – Ipsos Sopra Steria for The World show that the French already seem to be an accurate picture of each of the major candidates in the primary to the left of 22 and 29 January. According to this study, Manuel Valls is the one that appears to be the most ” présidentiable “ of all.

For 43 % of the respondents, it ” has the makings of a president “, against only 30% for Arnaud Montebourg, 24% for Benoît Hamon and 17 % for Vincent Peillon. At the same time, the former prime minister ” has already proved its efficiency “, believe 33 % of respondents, compared to 24% for the former minister of the economy, 21 % for deputy for the Yvelines and 12 % for the member of the european parliament.

good news for Mr Valls, who has focused his campaign from the primary on its ability to ” be president “, and its ” experience “ of the State and of power. For several days, the former interior minister and head of the government repeated that he alone has the stature among all the candidates to embody the presidential function. the ” Who has the strength, who has experience, who has the shoulders to face ? “, has he started yet, Tuesday night, at a public meeting in Lamballe in the Côtes d’armor.

Benoît Hamon in a meeting in Paris on 18 January.

On the other hand, Mr. Valls suffers from two drawbacks for the French. It is ” friendly ” that for 23 % of them, and it ” understand the problems of the people “ for just 24 %. On these two qualities, it is distanced by MESSRS. Hamon and Montebourg. The first is ” friendly “for 42% of the respondents (40 % for the second) and ” better understands the problems of people “ for 38 % (29 % for Mr. Montebourg).

Cold Valls

The figures confirm both the image of authority, often contiguous to Mr. Valls, but also that of a certain stiffness and coldness human. If this distinction may appear to some as a detail, it could have its importance in the primary, according to the real reasons for which the majority of voters will come to vote.

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If they move on the 22nd of January with the desire to appoint the candidate who, in their eyes, is the strongest to compete for the presidential election, Mr. Valls enjoys a net advantage. In contrast, if they mainly come to sanction the balance sheet of the five-year term and appoint a leader of the socialist left for the future, without believing in his chances, immediate to prevail in may, MESSRS. Hamon and Montebourg, who seem to be privileged. Especially since, according to this same survey, Mr. Valls ” concerned ” 30 % of the respondents, compared with 12% for Mr Montebourg and 13 % for MESSRS. Hamon and Peillon.

The former minister of national education, the candidate surprise expressed at the beginning of December 2016, just in contrast to be clearly identified, and to detach from the place it seems to be assigned to the fourth man of the primary. Considered ” friendly ” by 25 % of france, Mr Peillon registers disappointing results on its capacity take-away : there ” really wants to change things “ for only 18% of the respondents, and ” understand the problems of the people “ to 15 %.

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