Wednesday, January 18, 2017

That is the gifleur of Manuel Valls? – BFMTV.COM

His profile is accurate, but his motives remain unclear. An 18 year old man has slapped Manuel Valls on Tuesday during a displacement of the candidate from the primary to the left, the moment he went out of the town hall of Lamballe in the Côtes-d’armor. Immediately overpowered by the police service of the former Prime minister, the man was placed in police custody for “violence on the person in charge of a public service mission”.

While the candidate was devoted to the traditional shaking of hands, the young man has pretended to be him reaching his own, before turning his gesture into slap, but failing to reach Manuel Valls slightly in the face, has found an AFP journalist on the spot. A gesture that he has made, shouting “here it is Brittany”. Journalists present in the train that brought him back to Paris, the former Prime minister said that he would complaint.

“Nothing, and especially not the violence, not prevent me to go to the French. I am determined to talk to them and save the left,” responded Manuel Valls a bit later on Twitter.

The track identity

The folder to the young man 18-year-old, not have a criminal history, serious, but the attacker of the candidate is known by police for drug use and was subject of a recall to the law in 2014 about this. Taken to the gendarmerie brigade de Lamballe, he explained not liking “the way in which Manuel Valls addressed the citizens”.

Since Tuesday, the links of the young man with the movement of the extreme right are suggested, in particular, by the entourage of Manuel Valls, for which the aggressor would be “close to the far right of brittany”.

“It is without doubt, the investigation will obviously have to demonstrate, an activist of the identity of the extreme right, brittany,” explained the former Prime minister on Wednesday, on France Inter.

“Quenelle” and sovereignty of brittany

after the newspaper The Telegram, he would have “expressed an anchor and motivations regionalists” in the course of his time in custody. On his profile Facebook, this young man posed in a photo making a “quenelle”, a gesture with overtones of anti-semitic invented by the polemicist Dieudonné, and became a rallying cry of its fans.

“I have fought Dieudonné, I have fought the extreme right (…) democracy should always prevail over all forms of violence,” said Manuel Valls on France Inter, referring to the profile of the young man.

at the End of 2013, Manuel Valls Prime minister was personally committed against Dieudonné, sentenced several times by the justice system, including racial slurs.

The track of a possible connection between the perpetrator of Manuel Valls and the identity movement Breiz Atao is in the process of being verified. Only certainty, as emphasized in Le Parisien on Wednesday, the young man supports on his profile, several pages that belong to movements that defend “the sovereignty of the people breton”.

“It’s going to have to take,” warns his father

according To the father of the young man, reached by telephone by the newspaper parisien, the latter, without a job, do “not recognize themselves in the current society, like many young people of his generation.” According to him, the gesture of her son is “a gesture of rebellion. Not of hatred.”

“My son is not a boy villain”, he explains, stating to have discovered the facts came home from work.

“I can’t put myself in his place”, also tells about his father, who does not give precise explanations to this gesture, referring simply to “the proximity of Manuel Valls” as motivation for a passage to the act. “It is going to assume,” he concludes.


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