Tuesday, January 10, 2017

17 police officers radicalized by the prefecture of police of Paris – Ouest-France

Ten-seven cases of police officers radicalized were identified between 2012 and 2015 in the ranks of the police of the vicinity of paris and its suburbs, according to a paper revealed on Wednesday by the book ” Where are our spies? “(Albin Michel).

This note from the Directorate of security near the paris area (DSPAP), dated 9 December 2015, seeks to identify this phenomenon, which has seen an acceleration in 2014 “, argue journalists Eric Pelletier and Christophe Dubois.

These radicalized are ” young people who joined the police in the mid-2000s, and from an internal competition, with many of them being former deputy of security, the youth jobs of the police “, they add. Four of the 17 cases are of young converts.

Among the cases cited, one finds A., became keeper of the peace in 2012, after a trip to the Meeting in 2013, has surprised his colleagues by his conduct, ” deleted “ during the check of a veiled woman. Her colleagues tell her ” the obsession of listening to religious chants on patrol “ and said that he took advantage of a stop order to buy burqas for his wife.


” women are involved in a third of the incidents, and seem to be very determined, never hesitating to confront their hierarchy “, including the wearing of uniforms and clothing, say the two journalists. Among them, a woman officer monitoring station in the XIIe arrondissement of Paris, which is presented in September 2014 by hijab in front of the physician-in-chief, refusing the medical examination. The month after that, she prevails against the wearing of the uniform, comparing his pants to ” a dirt of cloth of the Republic “.

On Facebook, she calls the revenge of the muslims: ” When Allah has decreed the war, they we will not recognize these lopettes of zionists (…) The attacks on the twin towers in New York and at Charlie Hebdo it’s like in american films, and French: it is a question of budget. “ She was on sick leave from February 2015.


another woman officer, serving in the Seventeenth district, was sentenced on appeal in 2016 to a ten-month suspended prison sentence and banned from practising for two years after posted on Facebook of threatening language. ” I still have + ashamed to wear blue. If I was in the place of the terrorist, it would do well for a long time that I would have done the fart Elysee and all the enc… who are working ““, she wrote.

” For the whole of the regalia ministries – Defence, Interior and Justice – we have our registered one hundred cases of radicalization “, has explained a source in charge of monitoring these issues to journalists Christophe Dubois and Eric Pelletier.


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