Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Amiens – Sequestration to Goodyear Amiens-Nord: long-awaited decision Wednesday, the court of appeal – The Express

The general counsel Dominique Tailhardat was requested on October 19, twenty-four-month suspended prison sentence against eight men, including five militants CGT. In the first instance, they had been sentenced to 24 months in prison, of which nine closes the January 12, 2016.

We are waiting on a legal decision and not a political, it is believed to the release“, said to AFP, Mickaël Wamen, one of the defendants and iconic figure of the ‘ fight” of Goodyear.

This sentence had caused an outcry in France, where several demonstrations of support were held and an online petition calling for the cessation of proceedings against them had been collected more than 171.000 signatures. The CGT had seen a symbol of the ‘ criminalization of trade union action“.

Any new conviction would be “a condemnation of a principle directed against all those who intend to challenge the assaults of employers throughout the country“, has again warned Nathalie Arthaud (LO) in a press release Monday.

It had come to Amiens during the appeal trial on October 19, 2016, where 10,000 people according to the CGT and 5,000, according to the prefecture, were collected to support the eight defendants, alongside the secretary general of the CGT, Philippe Martinez, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Olivier Besancenot (NPA), or François Ruffin, the author of “Thank you, boss !“.

on Wednesday, from 11: 00 AM, “we expect between 2,000 and 2,500 supporters in front of the court… Upon a case of union repression, it is the movement that brings people together for nearly 20 years” continued Mr. Wamen.

- “crime, pure and simple” –

The 6 and 7 January 2014, the director of human resources and the director of the production had been held for up to thirty hours in the premises of the factory of pneumatic occupied by few dozens of employees in anger after the announcement of the closure of this site of 1,143 employees.

Prosecuted for “forcible confinement and violence in the meeting of the“, the defendants face up to five years in prison.

In this case, “human dignity has been affected and we can not tolerate this kind of behavior regardless of the context“, was considered the general counsel. In his eyes, the facts alleged against the employees came within the “crime, pure and simple“. They have tried ‘ destroy psychologically” these two executives, “the insults flowed as acts of humiliation“, was supported by Mr. Tailhardat.

In this trial, complainant (Goodyear withdrew his complaint, as the two managers in question), the defendants have tried to convince the judges of their lack of culpability and the legitimacy of their action.

of Course that I ask you to release the. If you say the release, you judge law, justice and responsibility“, was launched by the lawyer of the accused Me of Fyodor Rilov the president of the court, taking the view that its judgment “iconic” will “reviewed“.

according to the decision of the judges, it is possible that it has appealed in cassation, in the hope that we will not be obliged to do so, because it was a little ras-le-bol of this story, it’s been three years that the factory is closed, we would like to move on to something else, but unfortunately, this conflict drags on“, concluded Mr. Wamen.


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