Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A young man slaps Manuel Valls in Lamballe – Obs

Lamballe (France) (AFP) – A young man was slapped Tuesday, Manuel Valls, a candidate in the primary, initiated by the PS, during the movement of the ex-Prime minister in the small town of Lamballe (Côtes-d’armor), about twenty kilometres from Saint-Brieuc.

coming out of the town hall, Manuel Valls has given a traditional exchange of handshakes. It was then that a young man with curly hair has stretched the hand, an invitation that he has suddenly transformed into a slap in the face, while shouting: “Here, this is Brittany”. The former Prime minister tried to dodge and the young man could do no more than touch lightly on the face, has found an AFP journalist.

A member of the security service was immediately tackled to the ground the young man.

soon after Manuel Valls, relaxed, reacted to the incident in front of the press: “I did not come to talk to me. There are always individuals who want to prevent democracy to express themselves”, he said. And to add: “there are those who challenge democracy, and those who embody it, such as politicians. Democracy may not be the violence.”

“Nothing, and especially not the violence, not prevent me to go to the French. I am determined to talk to them and win the left”, has added a little later Mr. Valls on Twitter.

In the train that brought him back to Paris, the candidate, however, has said that he would bring a complaint against her abuser for “not to let pass an act of violence”.

“I’ll wear the complaint because it is an afterthought. The physical act is violent, this is not as the meal”, he stressed, in reference to the first incident of the campaign on the 22 December in Strasbourg, where he had been enfariné.

Submitted to the force of Lamballe, her attacker, 18-year-old was placed in police custody for “assaulting a person charged with a public service mission”, a-t-on learned from the public prosecutor of Saint-Brieuc.

According to the entourage of Manuel Valls, it would be “a young man near the far right of brittany”. According to the daily Telegram, in police custody, he would have “expressed an anchor and +motivations regionalist+”.

- The attacker and his ‘quenelle’ on Facebook -

On his profile photo Facebook, this young man poses by making the “quenelle”, a gesture-oriented anti-semitic conveyed by the polemicist Dieudonné. At the end of 2013, Manuel Valls, then Interior minister, had personally committed against Dieudonné, who has been repeatedly condemned by the justice system, including racial slurs.

The reactions to the slap in the face to have been unanimous. Vincent Peillon has sentenced on Twitter “with the greatest firmness (this) physical aggression”, “contrary to the respect of the ideas of others that is at the heart of the democratic debate.”

“Nothing justifies the violence. A vibrant democracy always emphasizes the debate of ideas”, emphasized Arnaud Montebourg, while Benoît Hamon condemned “the be an unacceptable act of violence against @manuelvalls to Lamballe”.

The Prime minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, has ruled on Public Senate that “this violence does not(d) not place in the Republic”.

The deputy ecologist Cécile Duflot has tweeted: “Everyone knows of our differences, but the physical violence that is inflicted, Manuel Valls is shocking and unacceptable. Point.”

And the candidate of France insubordinate Jean-Luc Mélenchon was sentenced on Facebook “the physical attacks in politics as in life”. “No charges against Manuel Valls must not lead to a lack of respect to oneself-even to the point of hitting someone by surprise rather than resolve its dispute with a ballot to vote,” he insisted.

right, the mp, the LR of the Alpes-Maritimes Eric Ciotti has deemed the attack “outrageous.”


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