Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Arnaud Montebourg in a meeting in Paris : “work value” and cortisone – Obs

Arnaud Montebourg comes alive finally ! The candidate for the Elysee was held Wednesday in Paris his last meeting of the campaign, on the eve of the last debate of the primary and three days before the first round. And under the hot lights of a gym Jean-Jaurès filled up the hangers, he seemed to find the gnaque and was said to have missed these last few weeks.

Nearly 2,000 people have found. His mother, in the second rank. The comedian Guy Bedos, close. Or Gérard Filoche, this fighter hard to act Work, which has just announced its rally.

in Front of this little world, the champion of the ” made in France delivered a speech very political. Missed out on the end of losing his voice. And détonné finally with the candidate overview during the first two debates, a bit shy at the force of wanting to “do president”. A relative the excuse :

“He was the présidentiable. There, he has really regained its verve.”

For a little more than an hour, the ex-minister of productive Recovery is transformed into slugger. Targeting first the “wall of the powerful”, for which “the unemployed are responsible for their own fate”, “the taxation of large groups too heavy” and “public servants too many”. Marine Le Pen then, its foreign funding, its sponsors Trump and Putin”. Or Fillon, that candidate is “liberal, ” and brutal” who wants to “désétatiser social Security.”

“My proposals
are not for 2022″

And then Montebourg spoke work. We didn’t count but he had to repeat that word a few hundred times. The work “proud, respected, talked about Victor Hugo,” the work for the “young graduates of the popular districts”, the work of the “workers of Florange” : “Ils are our course, our direction, our direction, our meaning.”

With its policy of fiscal stimulus, “the candidate of the pay slip”, as he described it, imagine a society rid of mass unemployment and the submit the entire work. It is what it is. After a good 45-minute speech, he ended by letting go of the word so that everyone understands :

“Yes, I would prefer a fair wage, to a universal income.”

Arnaud Montebourg has never mentioned the name of Benoît Hamon. But it is him, in a meeting at the other end of Paris, that his speech was aimed at. And especially all the voters as it attracts, with its proposal to introduce a universal income to address the “scarcity of work”.

“Our sense of the profound, in the history of the left, it has always been to defend the company’s work and defend the work of any short,” said Montebourg, before dispelling this idea that work could be a right value. “J’‘ve always thought it was left : the value of work is in the DNA of the social struggles, it is in the DNA of the political conquests.” And to drive the point home :

“My proposals are not experimental for 2022, these are proposals immediately operational for four months.”

“It will harden the tone, you’ll see,”

time is of The essence in effect. In this funny primary participation uncertain and surveys very changeable, the only tangible item seems to be the dynamic Hamon. The ex-minister of Education was able to dictate the agenda of the primary with its proposals from the far left. Can it deprive Montebourg second round and the scratch of the political landscape ? Three days of a first round in which no one really knows who will vote, who can ensure the contrary ?

His relatives are well aware of this. On Wednesday evening, at the gymnase Jean-Jaurès, some tried to convince, without arguments, other than its difficult campaign, that a removal of Manuel Valls as soon as the first round had become the most likely hypothesis…

“The debate of this evening will be decisive”, stated the mp, socialist Catherine Lemorton. “You’ll see, it’s a lot of sentences are very impact, it will harden the tone, predicts the spokesperson for the candidate, a pharmacist by profession. And to help him regain his voice, this close to the parade. “Cortisone at breakfast.” In the great words of the great remedies.


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