Thursday, January 19, 2017

Assistance to migrants: Herrou in police custody – The Figaro

The farmer Cedric Herrou, that risk already has eight-month suspended prison sentence for having helped migrants in the fall, has been again placed in police custody yesterday evening for infringement of the law on foreigners, a-t-on learned from his lawyer.

“I’ve been called for a guard to view to the Chin, to the police,” said his lawyer, Me Zia Oloumi, who was not aware in the immediate details of the alleged offence to the one who became the flag-bearer of the help for people transiting illegally through the valley of the franco-Italian of the Roya, one of the input channel to France, while migrants from Italy.

“It has, a priori, was arrested near his home, towards Sospel. The elements that are plausible for the to put in police custody would be using the entry, stay and movement of foreigners in an irregular situation,” said Mr. Oloumi who has not yet had access to the file.

Found on January 4, for a similar offence, Cedric Herrou had advocated “political action”. The decision of the tribunal had been reserved on the 10 February. About 35,000 arrests have been made at the border in 2016, the record-breaking year for the Italian coast guard, with nearly 180,000 migrants rescued. It is for the most part of men, women, or children leaving african countries are unstable, and then landing in the south of Italy, after a perilous sea crossing in the Mediterranean, mainly via Libya.

Cedric Herrou, who runs a farm producing olives and eggs in the valley of the Roya, has many supporters for his action, in particular within the group of assistance to migrants Roya Citizen.

“Even if you condemn me, the problem will continue,” he proclaimed on 4 January. Two days later, the court of Nice, giving the discharge in respect of Pierre-Alain Mannoni, a teacher-researcher continued to have ferried the Erythréennes from Italy and was facing a six-month suspended prison sentence. There should be a retrial, after the prosecution appealed.


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