Sunday, January 15, 2017

Cold wave : a plan exceptional of the government for the homeless – The Parisian

The Ile-de-France and Corsica are in orange alert snow and the ice and Weather France provides a significant cold wave from Tuesday. As a result, the government is putting in place a contingency plan, it will directly with the help of the prefects.

En anticipation of a great cold wave that is expected to affect the country as of Tuesday, the government has put in place a “national steering daily” to “anticipate the additional needs during this exceptional period, and to engage in real-time supplementary devices if necessary.” “These measures are aimed in priority to opening places of temporary exceptional, beyond the places of winter already open, according to the daily needs, to strengthen the staff of the services organize the first reception of lodgers (115, Samu social, SAO and SIAO)”

A balance daily needs with the help of the prefects. In this “framework” exceptional”, the First minister Bernard Cazeneuve said that it was “established with the prefects a balance sheet daily needs”. He also requested that a “place of exceptional and necessary reinforcement of staffing correspondents” are mobilized and that “full mobilization of local authorities and major operators association (mobilization of gymnasiums, community halls, day care facilities etc)” to be assured.

relief mobilized to help the homeless. The civil security, the police, the gendarmerie and the firemen are mobilized for the identification and the implementation of the shelter of the people.

10.000 spaces in the accommodation centres. Mobilized for the winter period, more than 10,000 tickets to the hot in addition to “more than 120,000 accommodation places pérénisées” during the five-year programme, announced Matignon.

maraudes exceptional. The plan also aims to “the intensification of maraudes directly in contact with the people in the street, including to persuade, if necessary”. with AFP

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