Sunday, January 15, 2017

What Kim Kardashian told the police after his assault – Europe1

“I heard a noise at the door, as not, and I yelled to ask who was there, no one answered.” It is with these words, Kim Kardashian starts to tell the night that she was the victim of an armed robbery in his mansion in Paris at the beginning of October. The Sunday Newspaperwas able to consult the minutes of the hearing of the american star, questioned by the police on the night of 3 to October 4, for an hour, a few hours after the attack.

“The two men were wearing balaclavas”. “I saw through the sliding door, two people getting more the gentleman of the home that was attached to it. The two men were wearing balaclavas, one had a ski mask and had a baseball cap and a jacket with 'Police' written on it. The second individual had the same clothes 'Police',” said Kim Kardashian to the French officers. The starlet adds that one of the aggressors the threat with a weapon and asks him for his ring, placed it on the bedside table, “which is worth 4 million dollars”.

jewelry of gold and diamonds. Then, according to the story done by the american star, his two attackers push her on the bed, so that she is naked under her robe, and bind with plastic cables or tape the hands, mouth, and legs, before you wear it in the bathtub. While she is tied up in the bathroom, the thieves take the opportunity to empty her purse and steal bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings to luxury, all made of gold or diamonds, as listed in detail by Kim Kardashian to investigators. “I think that I have stolen for $ 5 million. I have not stolen money,” she says, adding that her cell phones were also stolen.

“They were a little young.” “Then they are gone in the current (…) I removed the tape from my hands and my mouth, I pulled off the plastic. I felt they were a little young in the way they have me attached. I removed the tape on my legs (…) and I ran towards the house of Simone (Harouche, editor’s note). Then I called my sister, Kourtney, with the phone to Simone,” has finally declared Kim Kardashian during his hearing. The young woman, who was not injured in the assault, has filed a complaint in France before returning to the United States. Friday, six suspects were taken into consideration in the context of this case : some of which are known to the justice for the crime of highway robbery.


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