Saturday, January 14, 2017

Macron throws the battle of the hundred days – Le Figaro

meeting in Lille, on the land of Martine Aubry, the leader of the running ! has called on its troops to the engagement.

Difficult to zap Martine Aubry. Especially when one comes home to Lille. That we organize a meeting. That more than 4,000 people flock to it. Then Emmanuel Macron paid tribute to him on Saturday, in front of the curious, and supporters who came to listen in the great hall of the Zenith. Full to crack. Apparently, and unlike the mayor of Lille, the public was not “fed” to him, as she had assured at the start of September 2015.

After the success of the gathering in early November at the porte de Versailles in Paris, the leader In the Walk! organized the first of its major regional meetings for the presidential election. A successful mobilization, but not necessarily a successful platform. In this city of left, a part of the audience had come to listen out of curiosity, just to see and get an idea. They have seen and a little tiqué when even when, after the tributes to personalities of the region, Martine Aubry, but also Pierre Mauroy, Emmanuel Macron has added greetings to Jean-Louis Borloo for his action at Valenciennes and Xavier Bertrand for his fight against the national Front.

“people want work, not handouts”

Side Story, he also spoke of the general de Gaulle and François Mitterrand. At the bottom of the stand to listen to it, the former president of the region Île-de-France Jean-Paul Huchon, and the former minister of Jacques Chirac, Jean-Paul Delevoye. The right, the left, the two components of the French society that Emmanuel Macron is hard to muster for the next presidential election. Leaves to grant a few concessions to the traditional discourse of the right, even the extreme right. “People want work, not handouts”, he says, and to explain its project of emancipation through work. He wants to establish a “right to work easier,” adapted to the size and needs of the business. According to him, “the law may not be the same in a multinational company, a start-up or a TPE”.

Emmanuel Macron is also proposing to “simplify the standards for all those who create”. A nod to the craftsmen and small shopkeepers, who have largely voted national Front in the recent regional elections. He thinks he can bring them back to him. It was furthermore the object of his trip Friday to Henin-Beaumont. But in his speech, Emmanuel Macron has not attacked frontally, the party of Marine Le Pen. Just a few allusions scattered, calling on its supporters to “do not give in to the hate speech, the contraction” or denouncing the proposal out of the Schengen area. “When the FN promises to re-establish security on the borders, he’s lying to you”, lance-t-il.

“Barometer Figaro Magazine: Emmanuel Macron moved to the head

From far, it is intended, however, to his constituents in the north, those whom he had not crossed Henin-Beaumont. “In these lands, there seems to have been the cannon fodder of globalization. Despair set in,” he says. A speech to the accent antilibéral the opposite of his positioning. But it does not linger on it. And then endeavours to motivate his troops “for the hundred days that remain”. Those who separate from the presidential election. A foolish bet according to their detractors. “That those who think that we are dreamers to be terribly worried because we are obstinate,” it warns.


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