Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Météo France announces to the snow in the plains : the forecast – The Parisian

Aote, the thermometer will fall. Flakes should fall on the northern part of the country from Thursday evening, the beginnings of a cold wave which will extend over almost all of france until the end of the week, ” warns Météo France, this Wednesday evening. The mediterranean arc should be spared.

As of Thursday evening, and until Monday the risk of showers of snow, with flakes taking the ground is real. After 19h, the precipitation will likely be in the form of snow in the North of France in particular, with a potential snow that can give on the whole the episode totals of 5 to 10 cm or even more locally.

snow flurries again possible at different times of the day on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, from Brittany to the Pas-de-Calais, through Paris and Normandy.

The forecast from Meteo France. Thursday, 12 January, a disturbance will approach the country by the coasts of the English Channel and bring the rain to the regions of the north-west and then north. At the front, snow will fall on the terrain as early as the mid-mountain.

At the rear of this disturbance, the mass of air will cool under the influence of the north-west wind, the precipitation will be in character of snow in the plains, on Thursday evening from the hills of Normandy to the far north of France.

Friday, in the sky of the trains, the showers in the form of a giboulées be spread over the country, particularly affecting the north and east of France as well as the whole of ranges where the snowfall will be more significant and long-lasting.

This weekend, under a sky often changing, showers may occur in the form of snow across the majority of regions, they will remain more marked in the mountains. Near the Mediterranean, the sun should always dominate, but at the cost of a wind is sometimes strong. Frosts will be widespread in the morning, leaving only the edge of the sea.

in This episode, winter will continue next week, with a decline even more pronounced temperatures.

Until Monday, December 16, the flakes should twirl on almost the entire north of the country.


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