Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Social : the consistency of the singularity Arnaud Montebourg – Marianne

I don’t believe at the end of the work and I don’t know how to do social without economic recovery.” a Preliminary to the presentation of its social programme on 10 January in front of Sjia, this argument so often heard – in the mouth of Pierre Gattaz, president of MEDEF – out from the outset, the program of Arnaud Montebourg, who will discuss in the framework of the Thursday, January 12.

As the champion of “Made in France” which in August 2014 had slammed the door of the government Valls, failing to get a raise, winning against unemployment in france, persists and signs. As has been done by Barack Obama since 2008 with more success than the european leaders, the former minister of economy, keynesian priority on annual investments of 20 billion euros in the infrastructure, the revolutions in energy and digital, the thermal renovation of setaside at 80% in the ETI-small companies in France to boost the number of hires and re-inflate the coffers the social. Leaving a time spinning the deficit to 3.4% in 2017 (less than François Fillon) before bringing it back to 2.5% in 2022 (by puncturing 10 billion euros on the YEAR of large enterprises, 5 on the profits of banks).

professional social Security

This time, it is not the IMF that the high noon out of the game : after you have grossly under-estimated the recessive impact of the austerity measures he advocated, this background calls for an increase in public expenditure is ” in education, the technology, the infrastructure to increase productivity, reduce inequalities in Europe. ” ” We will not receive not to the benefit of the unemployed before you have created the jobs that they could occupy ! says François Kalfon, his campaign manager, we allow them to take shape as early as the first day by creating a professional social security. “It is well the least when we remember the martyrdom of the private employment under the government Fillon : challenge of funding of training, Assedic and ANPE submerged and fused ideologically in full blast…

To inflate the purchasing power of the French, Montebourg does not offer as Benoît Hamon (45 billion euros at minimum), financed by a tax hike on the wealth. He prefers to establish a CSG progressive, reassessing the social minima. And provide for the unemployed at the end of the rights of contract activities (not economically profitable but useful to the community), experienced in the Nièvre, in particular by the association ATD Quart Monde. Launch it as a mutual public at 10 euros, to develop health homes and take more care of the elderly dependency. In short, to strengthen the security, dialogue with the social partners of the Medef in the CGT. While often criticized as the former advocate its unpredictability, positioning this stubborn runner background should reassure.


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