Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Viry-Chatillon – Viry-Châtillon: 11 arrests in connection with the attack on police – The Express

The arrest of these eleven young people, aged 17 to 19 years of age must enable “to hear, and confront people, some of them are likely to have participated in the facts,” explained the public prosecutor of Evry (Essonne).

Nine suspects were arrested at dawn in the city sensitive to the Large Terminal, located at horse on the municipalities of Viry-Châtillon and Grigny, at twenty kilometers south of Paris. The other two arrests took place in Etampes, in the south of the Essonne, and in a commune of the Seine-et-Marne, has detailed the floor.

On the whole group, two suspects are minors, said a police source to the AFP.

By mid-morning, the area of the Great Terminal was very quiet, has found an AFP journalist. A dozen trucks of CRS were stationed at the intersection where the attack took place against the police officers, which was done in October, two serious injuries and two minor injuries.

This is the first time that the two investigating judges order the arrest of persons who may have a direct link with the aggression.

A 17-year-old, suspected to have participated in the preparation of Molotov cocktails used in the attack, had been indicted and arrested in early December, before being released.

A second minor over 15 years old, suspected also to have been involved in the manufacture of incendiary devices, had been placed under the status of witness assisted, intermediate between the indictment and the state’s single witness.

Three young men of 16, 19 and 22 years, had also been arrested in November to be filmed and then put online videos of the assault, before being quickly released.

the Investigation followed –

On October 8, fifteen of the attackers had set fire to two police cars, occupied by four agents-in-mission monitoring: the two had left very badly burned, the other two are more slightly affected.

The police were keeping watch on a camera installed near a red light is known for its robberies with violence on motorists, on the edge of the Large Terminal.

The assault had caused a great stir in the political class, and triggered a movement of rebellion unprecedented in its scale among police officers. Many of the agents had gathered during the autumn across France to denounce the violence of which they were victims.

A few months of the presidential election, the survey is followed very closely by the government and enjoys a large means. The Interior minister, Bruno Le Roux, said on Monday, follow “every morning” the progress of the investigations, during his greetings to the police unions.

To respond to the grumbles, the government has prepared a draft law to increase the flexibility of the regime of self-defence of police officers, and align it on that of the gendarmes, who have a greater margin of manoeuvre in case of danger. This text should pass to the Parliament in January.

A budget of 250 million euros has also been allocated by the ministry of the Interior, including to finance new equipment and vehicles.

The police officer in the more severely affected during the attack, a security officer for 28 years, was released in mid-December the Saint-Louis hospital, in Paris, after several skin grafts. He has built a rehabilitation centre in Seine-et-Marne and approaches are engaged to be appointed keeper of the peace upon his return to work.’


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