Wednesday, August 20, 2014

500 tourists victims of poisoning in a luxury hotel in the … – Le Figaro

500 tourists victims of poisoning in a luxury hotel in the … – Le Figaro

More than 500 customers of a five star hotel, including at least 150 French, suffered from severe vomiting and diarrhea last week, leading to horrific scenes. The origin of evil is unknown at this time.

A vacation that turned ordeal. More than 500 customers of a five-star hotel Greek island of Rhodes were hit last week by poisoning of unknown origin. Among the guests who suffered severe vomiting and diarrhea include 150 French, according to the tour operator Fram. The spread of evil has been meteoric, told a tourist Toulouse RTL and La Depeche du Midi . “In 20 hours, half of Lindos Imperial, many staff members were affected,” said Jean-Pierre Lacaux, hotel guest and epidemiology professor who studies precisely the contagion mechanisms of dengue chikungunya.

The specialist who had taken in Greece, his wife, his daughter, his son and five grandchildren, described hellish scenes quasi “I’ve seen people throw in pools, in corridors and even over the balconies. ” Most of the tourists stay cloistered in their rooms for days.

When with other guests, he demanded an explanation from the hotel, he heard that answer “Rhodes was affected by a virus present in the air. ” A response that left him perplexed. Initial analyzes on water and food came back negative and have not lifted the mystery. But as noted by Jean-Pierre Lacaux these tests involved “three or four non-sensitive dishes (pasta and rice), while the four restaurants of the hotel offer almost 200 based on a much more risky ingredients as dairy products. “

Lindos Imperial has established health measures such as washing hands at the entrance of the dining rooms but the contamination continued. If no one was hospitalized and if the situation improves, all tourists are not cured and the hotel is still accepting newcomers.

Vacationers have formed a collective for answers Hotel and tour operators that organize their stay in the case of Fram Lacaux. Jean-Pierre Lacaux lodging a complaint “for answers” and compensation of his journey. For two weeks with the family, he paid 20,000 euros. Fram told La Depeche du Midi it is ready to offer a credit of 15% on a new journey to sick clients. The Ministry of Health provides that an investigation will be launched.


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