Thursday, August 21, 2014

Back in Government: the thorny issue that divides EELV – TF1

Back in Government: the thorny issue that divides EELV – TF1

Environmentalists opposed this Thursday on the strategy to adopt towards the Government and for the presidency in 2017 during their summer days, marked by the charge of the former minister Housing Cécile Duflot against Francois Hollande . This first appointment since the departure of the Greens government ministers began in March amid divisions between advocates of a return to business and those of a more independent line or building a left alternative.

He also took the turn of a confrontation between the former Minister of Housing and Jean-Vincent Place , the leading environmentalists Senate, which has not yet digested the output of government. While discussions revolved around the book Cécile Duflot, “Journey to disillusionment,” which caused confusion, executives have expressed their displeasure in a particular text signed by Jean-Vincent Place and François de Rugy, co president of the environmental group in the Assembly.

Denouncing “a hasty decision and unprepared,” the signatories call environmentalists to “take responsibility and create the conditions for their return to a government of the movement and not the conversation “. “If the opportunity to return to the government depends on many things, our political role, the mission given to us by our constituents is to do that ecology in advance of the majority” , explained François de Rugy.

To the member, ecologists must “be a party of government rather than a protest party, join in the discussions rather than being enders.” Jean-Vincent Place believes that if the government needs to hear more environmentalists, they can not be satisfied with a “splendid isolation that do not make sense.”
Cosse would” elevate the debate “in his party

He pleads especially for primary left for the 2017 presidential order not to repeat the situation” 21 April 2002, “when Jean-Marie Le Pen had eliminated Lionel Jospin in the first round of presidential elections. “I am for the primary that build the collection, not for primary that build division by excluding a portion of the left,” François De Rugy also advance in “Ideally, the primary could go up to the Left Front personalities from the center,” he added, saying that Hollande should fit into this framework. According to him, no environmentalist, not even Cécile Duflot, can now “play as a man or woman of State.”

In his book, Cécile Duflot accuses the head of state of being unable to meet its objectives and be as liberal bias, while accusing his prime minister be almost a straight man. After this bombshell National Secretary of EELV Emmanuelle Cosse tried to appease. “As the national secretary of the party, I listen to sound bites of each other that are very typical of the Greens. Me, what I say to everyone, is that you get to work” has she told reporters. “We must respond to the situation that is difficult socially, economically and ecologically also. A year ago the climate that will take place in Paris conference, and I call to elevate the debate.”


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