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Summer School EELV: Environmentalists always seek their place –

Summer School EELV: Environmentalists always seek their place –

POLICY – In the majority vis-à-vis the PS …

For his political season, EELV decided to celebrate 40 years of political ecology and René Dumont, its first presidential candidate. But it is especially the last six hectic months of the movement, many slamming doors and disappointing election results, which should shake the summer days in Bordeaux (Gironde) opening on Thursday. And if there will be some lighter moments, like the award “beaver” the most environmentally friendly clothing, which will pit the rubber boots of Jean-Vincent Place with floral dress Cécile Duflot, the atmosphere should be heavy.

cause, and always Again, the output of government environmentalists who divides within the movement, accusing cerrtains Cecile Duflot and Pascal Canfin of playing solo on this one then, and instead of environmentalists vis-à-vis the majority. “There will be a discussion of political confrontation,” warns Christopher Nightingale, Regional Advisor in the Center, which supported participation in government, as, he says “80% of supporters.” For him, the party is at a crossroads between choosing “responsibility” and “the risk of NPA-ization.”

The key tandem Duflot-Placed separated

“You’re talking about 15 who are grumpy in the last 20% that still support Holland and speak ghost voters” retorted Alexis Braud, local elected Allones (Sarthe) Recalling that the federal council had approved the decision out of the government. “It was after the fact. . We had no other choice but to endorse or overrule, “says Christopher Nightingale

aggravating circumstance of this debate is that it is embodied in what has been the major tandem – infernal some- for EELV: Cécile Duflot and Jean-Vincent Place, the latter top militant, strong and regular maintenance for the government. “But I tell you sincerely, instead of environmentalists, it is the responsibility. We are in a time when everyone should have their hands dirty “, again repeated the senator on Europe 1 Tuesday. “If we want to define perspectives in ecology, we must settle this debate. Given the chaotic period, we must be in a logical opening rather than being tempted by the downturn and the simple solution to be in the commentary rather than in action, “argues Christopher Nightingale.

Keep the government, it would have been evidence of “maturity and responsibility,” Judge said, without preventing criticize certain decisions. He gives an example: “On the ecological transition, we must support Royal and try the balance of power with environmental groups. Being on both fronts. I do not think the big night but the mornings, it moves as the difference. “

An” alternative to the UMPS “

” minority position “within the party repeats Alexis Braud, for whom it is impossible to support a” government that insists in his bad decisions, that goes into the wall by accelerating. ” For him, the executive is “detached from reality, the electorate and left the majority.” Cécile Duflot did not say better, and will probably tell in his book to be published Monday, From the inside, journey to the land of disillusionment , which returns to its experience in government … and who surely will prepare the future.

For the past solder can prepare already 2017, where the debate was held between those like Jean-Vincent Place, Christopher Nightingale, and good number of parliamentary EELV want “a single application with a common project” and those who argue for an independent candidacy despite the failure of Eva Joly in 2012.

As it stands, the position of the Executive ‘cancels any possible cooperation in 2017, “Judge Alexis Braud. For him, the overall analysis must change and EELV must implement “a strategy of autonomy” as now, the PS joined the UMP in liberal policies, “‘WSPU’ FN unfortunately ends up having a political sense. ” While the role of environmentalists should “change” and switch “whistleblower than carrying an alternative” which for now, is embodied by the FN, he says. Not so far, finally, reflections of the Left Front, which has tried to start a dialogue with environmentalists to try to ride this “alternative” to PS. Unsuccessfully for the time remaining in the lap of the majority, voting mostly key texts in the Assembly.

Again, even if it is no longer No. 1, EELV c ‘ Cécile Duflot probably has the keys: in 2012, she confessed not having to go to the presidential battle “adequate shoulders.” Maybe she will have 2017 material revise his judgment.

* Maud Pierron


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