Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Liberation of Paris: the homage of Valls police insurgents – Release

Liberation of Paris: the homage of Valls police insurgents – Release

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Seventy years to the day after the beginning of the Liberation of Paris, the Paris police prefecture welcomed Tuesday the first commemoration ceremony of a series which will end on 25.

In the great ‘Court on 19 August, “the spaces are marked. Commissioners and officers in dark uniforms, stand alongside elected and officials. Opposite, the standard bearers – some help of a cane – are close to veterans. More centrally, a small white gazebo houses the console installed Manuel Valls. It’s 10:45 ET each seeking its place in an uproar control. Communication officers ensure that everything is ready: “Tighten your maximum” amount one of them to the many journalists corralled. Between two arias sung by the band, including a Marseillaise, viewers expect.

The grave, Manuel Valls, Bernard Cazeneuve and Anne Hidalgo advance in the arena of bitumen. The Prime Minister, well tanned, and the interior minister go around the court, reviewing the troops. Then, accompanied by the mayor of Paris, they lay wreaths at the war memorial and collect a few moments, each in turn. After they have all crossed the court to be placed near the elect, a man comes forward, faces them and sings the “Song of the Partisans.” “It’s cold, it’s cold! “ notes a spectator, almost uncomfortable to see the man alone in the middle of the empty place. The solemn moment and the singer goes back into silence. For many, crossed the cocktail after the ceremony, this time has been the strongest in the morning.

“A message we need to hear”

The star of the day is Manuel Valls – it is rare that a prime minister to be present at the ceremony – but in the audience, some also believe that “the show is in the room.” The presence of Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, defeat at the Paris municipal March, does not go unnoticed. When Manuel Valls took the lectern, some photographers take the opportunity to make some shots of the front row, where she stands, even turn your back to the Prime Minister began his speech.

A rather plain speech and Consensus: “The history of this house is a glorious history,” says Manuel Valls. And to recall how, on the morning of 19 August 1944, insurgents police refused to take their positions, marking the beginning of the Liberation of Paris. “The police have listened to their heart and their conscience,” he added. . Between 19 and 25 August 1944, 167 officials have fallen for France

History has even inspired the Prime Minister a message for today: “Faced with adversity, a people he knows, come together, can take control of its destiny “ It states:. ” Although the challenges of today have nothing to do with those of yesterday, there is a message we need to hear “



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