Monday, August 25, 2014

Holland cut his left arm – La Voix du Nord

Holland cut his left arm – La Voix du Nord

Given the risk of contagion virus sling in government, François Hollande decided to cut his left arm! The amputation was done in perfect agreement with his adept shock treatments Prime Minister. Especially since the announced Arnaud Montebourg and the probable Benoît Hamon, foolhardy on that shot, gets rid of the Aurélie Filippetti passing, another intermittent government solidarity …

So far, Arnaud Montebourg had always escaped the red card, François Hollande preferring to hold his bride in government rather as seen frolicking in the wild. In “yelling” happy bosses, boiling Montebourg was a useful counterweight to the “compact” so frowned upon by the left of the PS. speech Frangy Sunday has been the kick too much in the courtyard of the Elysee

While the minister thus shows a little more elegant than its green former colleague Cécile Duflot, who has just published his book indictment against Francois Hollande . When explaining his choice, Montebourg overwhelms most European institutions and their “ absurd stubbornness ” to reduce deficits than the President of the Republic himself. But how can a minister of economy could it stay in place while currying the policy he is responsible for driving?

With his legendary modesty, Arnaud Montebourg invoked Augustine before yesterday to don the toga of Cincinnatus, all this to say that “ regained his freedom ” and returned its fields, not in the banks of the Tiber but the Saone! It will be hard to convince us that his beloved department of Saone-et-Loire and the defense of Bresse chicken will be its only horizon

Arnaud Montebourg is one of those big mouths of the policy do not need a ministerial morocco to exist. It is betting that Hollande will not run again, Manuel Valls, his main rival in the “fifties”, will be driven by the bottom with the failure of the five-year period. Socialist voters will then need, he thinks, to cling to a left arm that will not fear this time to begin the battle with Brussels, the ECB and Angela Merkel met!

The departure of Arnaud Montebourg government does not necessarily guarantee a calm assurance Francois Hollande and Manuel Valls. Martine Aubry still removed his Lille Aventine, the “rebellious” now have their Cincinnatus


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