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Florange, Brussels, nuclear … When Arnaud Montebourg fired … – Francetv info

Florange, Brussels, nuclear … When Arnaud Montebourg fired … – Francetv info

The criticism too. The repeated attacks Arnaud Montebourg against the economic policy of France led to the resignation of the government of Manuel Valls, Monday, Aug. 25. France tv info back on some of the many attractions of the former economy minister, who announced Monday afternoon that “regained his freedom” .

August 2012: “I believe that nuclear power is an industry of the future”

While Hollande is committed to a reduction of 75-50% from the French nuclear power in electricity generation, Arnaud Montebourg puts his foot in it. His statement on the board BFMTV causing an outcry among environmentalists, who have two ministers in the government. Jean-Marc Ayrault, the then Prime Minister, was forced to intervene on France 2 “I spoke with Arnaud Montebourg. (…) I reminded him of the government’s position, it is perfectly suited. “

November 2012:” We do not want Mittal in France “

Minister of Productive Recovery proposes to nationalize the ArcelorMittal Florange (Moselle), whose furnaces are threatened with closure. He attacks head-on the “methods” Mittal, the global steel giant that manages the site, apparently without consulting Matignon. So much so that two months later, after being disowned by Jean-Marc Ayrault, he threatened to leave the government. But the minister did not put his threat into execution, deciding “stay at his battle station” .

March 2013: “You’re shit the whole earth with your airport that everyone does not care”

The sentence was not pronounced in public, but Jean-Marc Ayrault admits came under attack by Arnaud Montebourg for his management of the airport at Notre-Dame-des-Landes. According to two journalists Book Florange, the tragedy of the left, the Minister of Productive Recovery would further criticized the Prime Minister of “manage France as the City Council of Nantes “

July 2013:” We arrive at the ecological gas shale “

Never Avar explosive statements, Arnaud Montebourg again puts Backpack environmentalists, suggesting to entrust the operation of a “ ecological gas shale” to “national public company” . “[It is] excluded exploit shale gas in France. There is a policy the government!” says Jean-Marc Ayrault, again forced to trim its untenable Minister

August 2013. “? Brussels Some assholes”

On the occasion of a portrait in M , the Magazine World reports of attacks in private by Arnaud Montebourg against the European Union, while Paris has just negotiated with some difficulty, additional time to bring its public deficit to 3%.

August 2014: “There is always an alternative”

Arnaud Montebourg asks François Hollande a ” major shift in economic policy “, in his speech to the Rose Festival. He had called two days earlier in a policy shift, in an interview with World . A media outlet that occurs some days after a long interview the president gave the evening newspaper in which he declared: “The choice can not be discussed again whenever a quarterly index is known Consistency. This is trust. “

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