Friday, August 22, 2014

Mélenchon relinquish the chairmanship of PG but not the “fight” – Le Nouvel Observateur

Mélenchon relinquish the chairmanship of PG but not the "fight" – Le Nouvel Observateur

Grenoble (AFP) – Jean-Luc Mélenchon, 63, leaves the co-chair of PG but sure want to continue the “fight” for a Sixth Republic after the failure of the strategy of the Left Front, which he does not hide have been greatly affected.

He leaves the co-chair of the Left Party (PG) born in 2009, but does not leave the political scene. “There is no crisis or anything,” insisted Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

He said he wanted to “make a point to help the formation of a movement for Sixth Republic “, during a press conference on the sidelines of the Summer of PG in Grenoble.

” Our candidate for 2017, that’s life Republic, “summarized former presidential candidate, welcoming in this regard the article published Friday by the environmentalist Eva Joly in Liberation.

His resignation and that of Martin Billard to co-chair PG aims to party “attuned” to this new fight, he said, referring to the “contradiction” there was to criticize “presidential monarchy” and having two presidents in his own training.

“What I want to cook, it is a device for combat, not a device for retirement,” he added, to silence speculation about a supposed withdrawal from political life.

We remember his crestfallen on television shows in the evening the results of the European elections in which the FN was won, the Left Front harvesting only 6.33% of the votes.

” I’m like that, I say, I write and when it will not, it shows on my face, “he told AFP.

” There is a danger that s announcement on the country, “one that analysis before summer prognosticated that Marine Le Pen would gain ground.

This fear is coupled with the former presidential candidate of profound disappointment the Left Front that he helped found. “Failure,” he said. The training consisted mainly of the left-and the French Communist Party (PCF) was a year of heartbreak.

Mélenchon has not digested the Communists ally with Socialists in elections Municipal in some cities, mainly in Paris. He advocated total independence.

“We had to pass the PS. Everything was in place. This was all set for a handful of positions in municipal,” he said.

Since both teams are struggling to reconcile. The last episode being the summer schools each training organizes his side. Pierre Laurent, national secretary of the Communist Party went even to those of PS in La Rochelle. “A mistake,” according to Jean-Luc Mélenchon

-. “I’m not sulking” –

Before the summer, he gave a long interview in which he explained will take back to that “the level of pressure on (him) down.” But already he wanted to cut short those who said the departure “is not put me down, it’s me otherwise use”

Step aside vis-à. screws of the Left Front? “I’m not sulking, I’m not angry,” says the man with “speaking thickly and believed” that the anger and the blues are known. It will even “maybe” at the meeting of the FG scheduled Saturday, Sept. 6.

“The solution is not a political cartel, is the setting in motion of the people themselves same, “he has said on Friday, announcing that the recast his party is” the new system of combat “and the release of a book” The era of the people “in October.

“The work of Jean-Luc Mélenchon not be party leader, is to be the heart of the left to go to the country,” abounds Elisa Martin PG and co-founder of the first deputy mayor EELV Grenoble.

Mélenchon cherishes the alliance PG-Europe Ecologie-Les Verts (EELV), which enabled them to win municipal Grenoble.

“What s ‘happened in Grenoble is an anticipation that makes me dream. should not see what happened “in the city” as a simple local episode “Has he told the Dauphiné Libéré. ​​


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