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Primary Florange austerity … Montebourg in six acts – Release

Primary Florange austerity … Montebourg in six acts – Release

Some of his formulas remain, and not always the most political. “Ségolène Royal has only one missing is his companion,” he said during the presidential campaign in 2007 . Montebourg, swashbuckler at heart, has always claimed freedom of speech. His speech on interventionism uninhibited, against the dogmas of Brussels and the austerity policies now earned him an output of government. Back in six acts on its way to the government

Primary socialist. The birth of the third man

On the evening of October 9, 2011, Arnaud Montebourg is third in the primary socialist, with 17.2% of votes and intends to play the referee and sell dearly support for Hollande or Aubry, came in first and second positions. In an interview with Release interview, he criticized a PS “ fell in formalin from the 90s .” Regarding the two “ impétrants ” – then his expression – he believes they “ have a backward view of the economic and political situation and the remedies to be applied. Francois Hollande, twice – the Congress of Dijon and the Le Mans – was refused VI e Republic. They are leaders closed to new ideas! They risk losing the left! I did not intend to spare them my intransigence. I think I carry a key to victory. It is for them to have the intelligence, plasticity to take it into account. “Finally, Montebourg will support Holland. And receives insured in case of socialist victory, a ministerial post.

May 2012, the Ministry of Productive Recovery

A lawyer specializing in the fight against corruption and mad finance but rather unfamiliar with the world of business, is seen confide May 16, 2012 a large department, the productive recovery, including expanded tourism and digital. He is the champion, as he did in the primary, the revival of the French industry, wanting to embody the “ industrial patriotism .” He puts in October 2012 to a Parisien magazine with a sailor Armor Lux and Moulinex robot

The arm iron with PSA

In July 2012, the French carmaker, which posted a loss of several hundred million euros, announced a plan for 8,000 job cuts. And the closure of Aulnay-sous-Bois, one of the largest employers in Seine-Saint-Denis with 3,300 employees. Arnaud Montebourg said in the aftermath that the government “ does not accept ” plan. Montebourg will not prevent social or closure of Aulnay, but the state will enter the capital of PSA, on par with the Chinese group and Dongfeng Peugeot family.

November 2012 , slaps Florange

ArcelorMittal plans to close blast furnaces in Florange, in Lorraine. That refuses Montebourg. It seeks solutions and offers the temporary nationalization of the site. Curtly refused by Prime Minister Jean Marc Ayrault solution in late November 2012 The ‘nationalization’ is “not effective” have a problem ‘opportunities “ or ” competitiveness “, he says during a press conference, without any minister is accused. The charge is violent. The day after the announcement of Ayrault, Montebourg Holland threat to resign. What he will not do. That same day, in the afternoon, Matignon published a statement in which he praised the work of the minister of productive recovery, communiqué issued at the request of the Elysee. Montebourg jumped in the polls, especially in the left electorate.

France's Minister for Industrial Recovery Arnaud Montebourg (L) talks to ArcelorMittal workers from Florange After a meeting with trade union Representatives at the town hall in Florange, Eastern France, September 27, 2012 France's industry minister called Expired on steelmaker ArcelorMittal on Thursday to make the investment needed to restart idled blast furnaces at Florange ict website or put it up for sale REUTERS / Vincent Kessler. (FRANCE - Tags: POLITICS BUSINESS EMPLOYMENT) - RTR38HVQ

caption (AFP): Arnaud Montebourg with employees of ArcelorMittal Florange September 27, 2012

April 2013 Montebourg returned to the charge. against austerity

In April 2013, a few months after being forced to swallow the bitter pill Florange Montebourg back on the offensive against the austerity policies implemented in Europe. Austerity, “rejected by all people” , led the European Union to the “debacle” and raises the specter of a ‘crisis Plan “ in Europe, said the Minister. “The budget seriously, if he kills growth, is more serious. It is absurd and dangerous. It is therefore high time to open the debate on this policy which led the EU to the debacle. “ Debate quickly closed. Hollande defends, the day after the publication of the interview, the policy of “serious budgetary” applied by the government. “It’s the seriousness that allows growth” and provides “independence for France” , gives “his ability to talk, to decide, to act,” in Europe. And crops rebellious ministers : “No minister can challenge the policy is conducted, not austerity.”

August 23, 2014, criticism too

In a given World interview Saturday, the Minister of Economy considers it necessary “ speak up ” vis- -vis Germany “ trapped in the austéritaire policy .” “ Today, reducing deficits forced march is uneconomic because it aggravates unemployment, financial absurdity because it makes possible the restoration of public accounts. ” and demanding change “tactical and strategic” in the government’s economic policy.

Sunday, the entourage of Prime Minister indicated “that a yellow line has been crossed to the extent that a minister of the economy can not be expressed in such conditions economic line of the government and an EU partner as Germany. So the Prime Minister has decided to act. ”



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