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Dissolution, a feared the UMP, welcome to the FN scenario – Le Nouvel Observateur

Dissolution, a feared the UMP, welcome to the FN scenario – Le Nouvel Observateur

Paris (AFP) – The possibility of a dissolution of the National Assembly is dreaded by the UMP, unlike the National Front who claims endlessly

While the country is in crisis. profound political, which led Monday by the government’s resignation, dissolution, as to return the right to power, “is not desirable,” do we repeat over and over again the UMP, although now this option is “perhaps inevitable”

“On the merits, we know what to do. reduction in public spending, deficits, maintaining the 3% target for 2015, profound reform of the labor code, restoring competitiveness … “says the former budget minister Eric Woerth.

But in his party,” nobody wants dissolution. We are being reconstruction. We need consolidation, assembly, blast and above all, a leader., we are not yet in battle. For us it’s too early, “the member of the Oise.

Analysis shared by Geoffroy Didier, deputy secretary general of the UMP. “I do not think, honestly, that the Republican opposition is ready to govern the country. It is a phase of reconstruction collective”, he said Monday on BFM TV.

“If there dissolution had, and won the right laws, we would not have all the knobs since the president would remain in place and in the institutions of the Fifth Republic, it is he who has the power. At the same time, it is can not refuse to govern if it arises. This would be untenable, “said another source in the party.

But” it is not there! The government has many tools at its disposal institutional , block vote, 49/3 … “, reassures do we. “Rocard ruled three years with a relative majority, Valls was his advisor, he already knew that!”

-. “About Time” –

However, if this happen, many officials UMP consider “impossible” any cohabitation. “The country needs structural reforms that can only be conducted by a compact executive torque, which is the opposite of cohabitation,” says Mr. Woerth.

He said it would be at President to “take the consequences.” He would “resign”, translated his colleague in the Assembly Valérie Pécresse.

The FN, meanwhile, hopes to pull the chestnuts out of the fire government.

Tirelessly, the boss Marine Le Pen calls for dissolution. To his right arm, Florian Philippot, it “would make another strong voice and very different to the Assembly heard (…) Imagine the debates if we had 30, 40, 50, 60 deputies,” Has . -there hoped Tuesday on France 2

For microphones, the Frontists provide elsewhere: this solution is only a matter of time. “The important thing is whether it will be before or after Christmas,” said the vice-president of the party Louis Aliot AFP.

He said the NF must “take into account this scenario and prepare for it. ” “It’s a job to be done, but there would be no trouble,” MEP considers Nicolas Bay, who headed the municipal campaign.

The FN bet mostly on bad luck of his opponents. “UMP is not in position, it has no leader, it is mired in business, personal conflicts FN would be in a position to get a great result,” says this MEP.

M. Aliot is of this opinion: “With the disappointments of the UMP, the divisions UDI and PS, it would benefit us, obviously.” His predictions? “With fully proportional, 100 deputies in the Assembly tomorrow. With 10% of MPs elected by proportional representation, much less. Without the 10% group” is far more than the two current members Frontists.

If dissolution occurs and a representative of the UMP arrived at Matignon, it would be “not a cohabitation” warned already Mr. Philippot party “no longer represents the opposition “.


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