Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A victim of ‘home jacking’ family in Marseille – Le Figaro

A victim of 'home jacking' family in Marseille – Le Figaro

Four gunmen attacked a family at his villa in Gignac-la-Nerthe, near Marseille, threatening the couple’s children and injuring the father eventually pocket a meager booty, according to a police source. The four burglars equipped with a handgun, a knife and an iron bar, forced one of the windows of the family home to 01:00 Has it the same source: ” They get inside, open the rooms of the children and begin to attack them. ” Three children aged 4-13 years were present at the time.

The father, without yet established whether he heard something or if the criminals were then found in his room, faced the people threatening his children, and was wounded by a knife during the scuffle that followed, Has added the same source. He was hospitalized but his life is not in danger. Burglars have finally gotten away with a very meager booty, consisting mainly of costume jewelry and a credit card -whose they have not got the code.


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