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Montebourg, Hamon, Filippetti, free electrons in future … – Release

Montebourg, Hamon, Filippetti, free electrons in future … – Release

They had operated there for five months to impose Manuel Valls Matignon. Arnaud Montebourg, Benoît Hamon and Aurélie Filippetti now find themselves in the position of free electrons of the majority, with a possible temptation to unite opponents of economic government line.

What will be the political future the three outgoing government ministers? Arnaud Montebourg, who wants to return to “work among the French,” he assured he had no mandate. In reality, there is still general counsel of Saone-et-Loire and the department chair, Rémi Chaintron (PS), said he was prepared to give him “make (his) seat” occupied until 2012 Benoît Hamon, He will regain its position as deputy of the 11th district of Yvelines. Similarly, Aurélie Filippetti becomes a member of the 1st district of Moselle months.

“The immediate Benoît Hamon will take a step back, height, to produce something, build visions” , told AFP Guillaume Balas, general secretary of the current “World of advance”, founded in 2008 by Mr. Hamon Mr. Montebourg “will take a bit of distance,” also says his side Arnaud Leroy, MP close to the former Minister of Economy.

To then take the lead in these Socialist deputies “rebellious”? Since April, these elected officials are demanding to change the economic fixed line and end up in the positions of the two former ministers who embodied the left wing of the party in government.

“Benoit Hamon will have a prominent place in the National Assembly but that does not necessarily mean he will be the leader of rebellious, “says Mr. Balas. “Although they are called (with Mrs and Mr Montebourg Filippetti), but they are not in the constitution of a pin,” said the entourage of the former Minister of Education.

“There will certainly be discussion, it’s a secret. Next, we need to see what form it will take, “cautions Mr. Leroy

-. ‘Not a question of leadership’ –

Christian Paul, one of the deputies’ slingers , “which regularly carries the word of the movement to the media sweeps the question,” the news is not there. ” And he said “there is not a strategy that would come out in pain this week, the heads of each other.” “Today it is not a question of leadership, but political line.”

“For us, no question of themselves like little soldiers behind Benoît Hamon and Arnaud Montebourg pretext that they have understood it after two and a half years,” warned a member of the current ” Now the Left “, came second in Toulouse congress in 2012.

In the longer term? Mr. Montebourg has always declared that “the only presidential election in which (he) plans to (be) represent one day.”

“If there was a primary that opens” for 2017, “it tickles to leave,” confided just before Frangy-en Bresse a close. He had collected 17% of the vote in 2011, but it has few troops in the PS or Parliament.

M. Hamon, the future is too complicated. He has disappointed some of his “friends” who accuse him of being too loyal for his two and a half years in government (except Sunday) and participating in the majority in Congress Toulouse motion, causing the birth of two Left wings competing. But Mr. Balas, “it will take a prominent place within” a start “world.” “He chose to focus his ideas” leaving the government, he welcomes it.

When the former environmentalist Aurélie Filippetti, networks are thin in the party.

Meanwhile, all three are scheduled to go to La Rochelle to respond as expected in the

And random schedule. 4 and 5 October, Mr. Hamon and Mr. Montebourg each university will hold a re-entry, the first in the Landes and the second-Laudun The Slate (Gard).


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