Saturday, August 23, 2014

Mélenchon: Holland, ‘it’s worse’ than Sarkozy – Le Figaro

Mélenchon: Holland, 'it's worse' than Sarkozy – Le Figaro

Mélenchon said Saturday in Grenoble Francois Hollande was “worse” than his predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy and his government was trying to “ruin” the France and “strangle those who can not defend themselves.”

“Mr. Holland, it’s worse than Mr. Sarkozy”, launched during a press conference Mélenchon, who left Friday co-chair of the Left Party (PG). “Because Mr. Sarkozy was retired at age 62, Mr. Holland is retired at age 66. Mr. Sarkozy and Mr. Fillon gave 35 billion (euros) to employers in two austerity plans. When we total concessions the government has done is 90 billion, “he has developed.

The former presidential candidate said he was out of question he “collects” with “people who are ruining the country and strangle those who can not defend themselves.”

It has not been more tender with slingers members of PS, which it accuses of lacking courage. “They confuse the National Assembly with the Congress Socialist Party (…) I said to them ‘? Assume Why do you just squealing If you do not agree with the budget vote against” their Has he respondent.

Calling for a “great popular movement,” he said he would work to build a “collective with people who do not work together,” for the Sixth Republic. “This is the rule of the game that needs to change. Must the French go after their disgust, their rejection of the caste who runs,” said Mélenchon.

s’ In particular was willing to work with environmentalists who share his analysis. “Ms. Duflot, she removed the muzzle, I congratulate her. It took him two years older than us to understand what was going on,” he has noted.

“Removing Mélenchon: the calm before the storm



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