Monday, August 25, 2014

Montebourg: “Long live the productive recovery, long live the Republic, and … – The Point

Montebourg: "Long live the productive recovery, long live the Republic, and … – The Point

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Arnaud Montebourg, the Minister of Economy of the outgoing government of Manuel Valls, is expressed from 16 h 50 at his ministry on Monday. Having criticized the austerity government line during the weekend, Arnaud Montebourg has been virtually excluded from the government on Monday, Prime Minister Manuel Valls who submitted Francois Hollande the resignation of the entire government in the morning. Arnaud Montebourg was briefly Matignon received Monday afternoon by Manuel Valls, for the first time after his sling against the country’s economic policy.

“Today, the world press us, even begs to stop these absurd austerity policies that continue to push the euro zone (…), soon deflation, “began the former Minister of Economy. “Errors and stubbornness have opened absurd questions, debates and disagreements,” added Arnaud Montebourg, adding that “austerity policies are not working and, in addition to being ineffective, are unfair.”

For Filippetti and Hamon: “I kiss you both”

“There is another path for Europe,” said the former minister. “I sent the chief executive of the notes and letters to try to entreat the President to stop policies that address risks to our economy.” “France is at a standstill and unemployment continues to rise while elsewhere it down,” blasted Montebourg, and “we have the” imminent interrupt the casting of the economy through austerity responsibility. ”

“It is with pride of accomplishment (…) I said this afternoon Mr. Prime Minister that if he thought I was wrong, I thought necessary to regain my freedom as he agreed to make me, “added Arnaud Montebourg, before thanking Aurélie Filippetti and Benoît Hamon, who” also made the choice to their ideals and beliefs. I kiss you both. “

” I never felt any fear to defend my beliefs hired man. “” What will I do with this newfound freedom? I will follow the example of Cincinnatus and return to my fields and plows, “concluded Arnaud Montebourg, who has announced plans to continue fighting for his” great national cause “:” made in France live the productive recovery, Bright “.” the Republic, and long live France “

LOOK press conference Arnaud Montebourg from 16 hours:

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