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Montebourg wants to “speak up” against Berlin – Les Echos

Montebourg wants to "speak up" against Berlin – Les Echos

The economy minister called in an interview in the world to give priority to growth. “The ECB needs to shift gears,” he says

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Free Electron, Arnaud Montebourg. On the eve of the Feast of the Rose Frangy en Bresse, which will make the Minister of Education Benoît Hamon and some rebellious members like Laurent Baumel and Christian Paul, the Minister of Economy uttered his little music . And it is not the same opinion as Francois Hollande.

Wednesday, in an interview with “World”, the President declared its intention to maintain the course set and continue reforms in this direction. Arnaud Montebourg judge, instead, in an interview with “World” Saturday, he must “change our political choices.”

You have to “speak up” vis- -vis Germany, he believes, “trapped austéritaire policy” in a context where France can “no longer (be) left to do.” “France is not intended to match the ideological axioms of the German right. I can only thank Sigmar Gabriel, my counterpart at the socialist economy, which grows in the same direction as us, “said Arnaud Montebourg.

The government has tried to minimize this Exit. Asked at a press conference in Moroni on the statements of the Minister of Economy, Hollande said: “I wish we could convince our European partners to give priority to growth. Anyone who wears this idea are welcome and it is the position of the entire government. ” “Nothing shocking, nothing new” in these remarks, responded in turn Matignon, asked by AFP. “The European situation is changing. The President of the Republic and the Prime Minister act in this direction and the Prime Minister expects the minister (Arnaud Montebourg) a total commitment to growth and purchasing law “power states does the same source.

Statements Arnaud Montebourg occur after the estoppel imposed by Berlin to the president’s call for a more pro-growth German politics. “The very general statements from Paris provide no reason for any adjustments in economic policy”, said on August 6 the German government, after waiting about François Hollande Germany “more support to the growth. “

The will of confrontation with Germany Arnaud Montebourg takes the opposite that of appeasement displayed by President Holland after this episode last Wednesday saying no want “face to face” with Berlin. In addition to the attitude of the German government, Arnaud Montebourg also criticizes Germany, without mention for his role in the ECB in setting monetary policy in the Euro area.

“The ECB must change gear”

According to him, “Today, unfortunately, the Hawks inflation fighting inflation when it disappears forgetting to fight essentially mass unemployment, are over-represented in the European Central Bank “

Arnaud Montebourg assured. ‘ECB should shift gears and start . doing what all central banks of the world, including countries that were able to restore growth, namely redeem public debt “

” We have two problems: European fiscal policy, with the accumulation of austerity plans in all countries of the Union, and, monetary policy excessively locked. The lessons of 1930 should make us understand that it is unemployment that causes hardening and rising violence in European societies, “he summarized.

Regarding the French fiscal policy, Arnaud Montebourg, who plays on the left wing of the government scheme, said that “half (Holland’s mid-term) is always the time of the tactical and strategic review.”

“I defend the rule of thirds” regarding the distribution of effort 50 billion euros in savings sought by the government. “I sent a proposal to this effect to the Prime Minister and the President of the Republic. The first third of the savings should be used to reduce the deficit (…) Another third is already allocated to support companies (…) Finally, the last third should be spent on households to boost their purchasing power and growth. It would be very good for all European countries do the same. “

While winds will protest in the majority, Arnaud Montebourg precludes any assumption of resignation government. “Right now, I make suggestions. I wish that the government and the majority we can move forward. (…) I am at my battle station to change policies that need to be changed, “he says.


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