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Montebourg, Filippetti and Hamon unloaded the government vessel – Release

Montebourg, Filippetti and Hamon unloaded the government vessel – Release

The Executive in the storm: Manuel Valls was maneuvering on Monday to form a new government without Arnaud Montebourg, Aurélie Filippetti nor Benoît Hamon, landed for challenging economic course set by the head of state <. / p>

After Mr. and Mrs. Filippetti Montebourg is Benoît Hamon, who announced Monday night on France 2 that he did “not participate” in Valls 2 team, released Tuesday. About ten days of the school year, Mr. Hamon, like his former colleagues presented his departure as a personal choice, just five months after his appointment rue de Grenelle.

“It would have been inconsistent while I expressed disagreement with important economic and social policy of the government that I stay in government, “said Mr. Hamon, however, assured that remain in the majority. He also pointed to the risk of a victory of the National Front in 2017 to support its application of an economic inflection.

After a weekend stirred by anti-austerity Mr. Montebourg statements in pages of the World and then from his stronghold of Frangy-en-Bresse, the ax fell on Monday morning, the Prime Minister presented to François Hollande the resignation of the entire government, after five months at Matignon


Manuel Valls, received for an hour Monday morning by the head of state and then later in the day, is now responsible for setting up, by Tuesday, “a team consistent with the guidance” Hollande ” himself set for our country. ” He spent the day receiving one to one to the Matignon ministers resigned

The future government will also be without Arnaud Montebourg. Since Bercy, he assured that he told the Prime Minister that he “resumed his freedom “- what Mr. Valls accepted – if not agreed on the need he said,” to propose alternative solutions “to the austerity policy in France. He is now left with the sole mandate of the General Counsel of Saone-et-Loire.

“The president is the only election in which I plan to represent me one day,” he confided Mr. Montebourg there is about a year

It will also be without Aurélie Filippetti. former Minister of Culture took the lead, saying he was “not a candidate for a new ministerial post” because it prefers ” loyalty to his ideals “to the” duty of government solidarity “in a letter to the Dutch duo-Valls. “Should we apologize now that to be left?” She asks.

A strange destiny, that these are the three ministers who had actively maneuvered to Mr. Valls access Matignon.

According to a government source, “Matignon also looking for names to replace Christiane Taubira” on Justice. The name of Bertrand Delanoë, the former mayor of Paris, traveling as each redesign

-. “Great anger” of Holland –

Francois Hollande said he did not a word about this critical phase of the government’s life. He spoke in the pouring rain, soaked clothes and face, Isle de Sein (Brittany) for the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the country, paying tribute to the strength of the island facing Nazi Germany .

Who made the decision a resignation? According to the Elysee, the resignation of the government has been “absolute consensus” between the two men. Anyway, Manuel Valls, it is to stand out from the time Ayrault, marked by many “hiccups”. A government adviser, Francois Hollande “pushed very angry,” the Comoros on Saturday at the time of publication of the interview with Mr. Montebourg, when he was publicly downplayed the significance of these words.

What will his government? Former Secretary of State for Relations with Parliament, Jean-Marie Le Guen, said he was “confident” the fact that the majority “will remain very large majority” in the National Assembly.

Emmanuelle Cosse, the number one in Europe Ecology-Greens but warned that the issue of participation of ecologists in government, “the conditions were even less satisfied now than in April,” when training Valls government. “We do not propose to us,” she has also said

-. “Crisis Plan” for Bayrou –

Arnaud Montebourg, Europe 1 guest Monday morning shortly before the announcement of the resignation of the government, had persisted in his criticism of the course set by François Hollande, however, ensuring that it did not place himself “in the event” of a departure.

At the helm since the spring of great economic ministerial pole, Arnaud Montebourg, 51, has multiplied during his political career the strokes of brilliance.

Sunday at Frangy-en-Bresse He had admitted having asked François Hollande a “major shift in economic policy” after Saturday in Le Monde, asked to “speak up” vis-à-vis Germany, when François Hollande on Wednesday , he said did not want to “face to face” with Berlin.

M. Montebourg represented, with Benoît Hamon, the deposit left the government. He had also gone upmarket with Valls government expanding its portfolio of Economy, besides Relief productive it has held since May 2012.

The implosion came after the government’s economic performance disastrous – including zero growth in the first half -. and shortly before the unemployment figures (released Wednesday) that continue to break records

Several politicians from all sides have considered dissolution Monday in response to the government crisis, as the president of the National Front, Marine Le Pen, but Sauvadet Francis, Vice President of IDU.

Luc Chatel, Secretary General of the UMP Acting called “serious” “political crisis arising from the resignation of the government.” The same goes for the president of the Modem, Francois Bayrou, for whom France is “not far from the crisis regime.”


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