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Reshuffle: ministers received by Manuel Valls – The World

Reshuffle: ministers received by Manuel Valls – The World

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The Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, and the Minister of Economy, Arnaud Montebourg.

Only Le Drian, defense minister, will not be received today at Matignon. He apologized, it is the island of Sein with the president.

@ question: no, it’s highly unlikely.

  • After the ball ministers, Claude Bartolone must also be received by Manuel Valls, 17h Helene Bekmezian on Twitter
  • Manuel Valls receive Claude Bartolone, President of the National Assembly to 17 hours. World
  • Benoît Hamon unlikely to live out the school year at the helm of the Ministry of National Education. What is his assessment after these past 147 days rue de Grenelle? Maryline Baumard, head of the Education Department of the World, said he was more political than educational. World
  • What are the differences over the government’s economic policies that led to the resignation of the government. Here’s a reminder of the key commitments and Arnaud Montebourg fighting since 2012 World
  • Taubira moment arrived at Matignon. In the rain and cycling. Cambadelis emerges crosses Bastien Bonnefous on Twitter
  • Our reporter Bastien Bonnefous is Matignon. He will attend the prom now former ministers, who will all be received this afternoon by Manuel Valls. World
  • Secretary of State for Transport, Frédéric Cuvillier, one of the few members of the outgoing government to have confided his feelings the press here in La Voix du Nord (he was mayor of Boulogne-sur-Mer). He told our colleagues surprise at the resignation of the government: “I felt that something was up but I was thinking more a technical overhaul that what just happened. “ World
  • Francois Hollande has paid tribute to the resistance from the island of Sein, without a word to the announcement of the resignation of the government. His speech is completed World
  • . Nicolas Chapuis come back this afternoon, after the speech of François Hollande, in response to other questions (which are numerous). ! Thank you World
  • Francois Hollande traces (in a heavy rain) the history of the resistance of the Sein Island (where he is) against Nazi Germany. No word so far on the government’s resignation World
  • Francois Hollande is going to speak from the Ile de Sein. It should not address the #remaniement World Live on Twitter
  • François Hollande:” I wanted to be here today as part of the seventieth anniversary of the liberation of our country today here on the island Sein. there I have given up at any price, even if the rain is with us today, even if it is not the bad weather that we fear the most. “ World
  • François Hollande began his address since Isle of Sein World
  • The Greens are very divided on the issue of participation in government. If the base is rather the opposite, parliamentary party would be fine for most alongside Manuel Valls. JV Placed, F. de Rugy or Denis Baupin could be part of the cast World
  • I guess that green does not intend to return? Besides the book Duflot, what has emerged from the summer days burgundy Comment from thomas
  • And the new government should be known Tuesday in the course of the day Bastien. Bonnefous on Twitter
  • According to our information Arnaud Montebourg is expected to Matignon in the early afternoon Bastien Bonnefous on Twitter
  • Bastien Bonnefous is journalist in the world and is currently Matignon World
  • Anything is possible, but what centrists? Bayrou has just declared his love for Mr. Juppe, Jean-Louis Borloo is currently out of politics, the other figures from the center (Morin, Lagarde, Yade) appear to push their advantage rather than on the right, and Mr. Holland did not attract interest in his nets sidekick who would cut left without him new perspectives. World
  • Believe the arrival of centrist Comment from? Stone
  • Difficult to project that may be false in twenty-four … But without progress on the next list, there are some names outside of government: Gérard Collomb, Bertrand Delanoë, Martine Aubry (but that seems more like a Montebourg that a Valls) are regularly cited. People from civil society could also be included. That said, you’re right, the range of possibilities is very wide World
  • Hello Mr. Chapuis. What figures on the left are still likely to make their entry into government and breathe new life? One gets the impression that all the great figures of the left have either already been exhausted by previous governments, or are incompatible with F. Holland and / or Mr. Valls .. Comment from Carob
  • However, all positions are challenged. Valls and Holland could have asked the two ministers to resign but they preferred to bring down the entire government. They have the opportunity to reshuffle all cards World
  • Furthermore, Aurélie Filippetti who expressed recently his discomfort with certain government decisions could be on the hot seat. As Christiane Taubira who supported the couple “Hamontebourg” World
  • If Arnaud Montebourg presence in the next list appears unlikely, however the fate of Benoît Hamon seems not yet sealed. A few days before school starts, Hollande could be tempted to retain his minister of education and weaken and Arnaud Montebourg who leaves only the table of government. The president has no interest in seeing him up against a front of these two personalities, which are complementary: Arnaud Montebourg for his charisma and reputation, Benoît Hamon him more network within the PS, which lack cruelly Mr. Montebourg World
  • What are the ministers likely to stay in the next government? Comment from the small and then
  • Ministers who have expressed their support for the two “dissidents” will they also be punished Comment from Veronica
  • Marine Le Pen also calls for the dissolution: “It is more than ever necessary to give voice to the French and to dissolve the National Assembly.” “The next government, led by the same men will like the previous” believes the president of the National Front. World
  • Do not forget that the majority in the Assembly is tenuous (291 Socialist deputies for a majority Absolute 289). Defection of a small portion of Deputies can lose the majority of the executive. The Prime Minister may be forced to legislate so as “49-3″ on the budget of school texts. World
  • The new government of Manuel Valls will necessarily be very fragile in the National Assembly. The majority of François Hollande has been steadily declining since 2012 Greens left the government after the appointment of Manuel Valls in March. The radical left, opposed to land reform, threatening to do autant.Par also a form of opposition to the economic line of the government grew in the Socialist group. These are the so-called “slingers.” They were 41 not voting pact responsibility on April 29. 35 MPs also abstained on the vote on the budget of Social Security in the early summer. These slingers join Arnaud Montebourg on much of its economic findings, including policy stimulus. World
  • Are we sure that the government Valls II will have a majority in the assembly Comment? from bcjs
  • Back images on this weekend, where critics of MM. Montebourg and Hamon were right government. World
  • Ask your questions to Nicolas Chapuis, journalist left in charge of the World World
  • Joel: it is possible that the majority in the Assembly restricts, but does not prevent the government from governing. Read also: The government under the threat of a breakaway majority in the Assembly World
  • A government aligned with the economic policy of Mr. Valls (ie without Montebourg and Hammon) he has a majority in parliament Comment from Joel
  • First Declaration of the UMP on the resignation of the government, through its secretary general, Luc Chatel He deplored “the revealing serious crisis, paralysis of the left” triggered by the resignation of the government. According to the former minister, “Mr. Holland bears full responsibility.” He must “make a real change in policy: in stating clearly the political line of the government and, especially, to finally talk to action” World
  • In ten minutes, Nicolas Chapuis, Le Monde journalist responsible for left, answer all your questions World
  • Arriving on the island of Sein where François Hollande expected to arrive at 11:00 span <> Philippe Euzen on Twitter
  • François Fillon responded to the resignation of the government on his blog . He said it “illustrates the confusion in which is the President of the Republic.” For the co-president of the UMP, Francois Hollande “tried to squeeze between irresponsibly left [...] and a tendency to passivity that seems natural.” “Half the five year already passed bodes ill for the ability of the president, regardless of the government he will choose to take the necessary decisions and to cause the shock of competitiveness necessary” continues the former prime minister. World
  • Manual Valls saw this morning Benoît Hamon, Minister of Education, and Laurent Fabius, Minister of Foreign Affairs. It may meet Jean-Christophe Cambadelis, the first secretary of the Socialist Party, noon and Arnaud Montebourg in the afternoon. World
  • Jean-Yves Le Drian, also on the island of Sein, do not want either make a statement World
  • . Bernard Poignant, adviser and close friend of Francois Hollande said from the island of Sein, the World: “It’s a very good decision, but we could do without.” World
  • marco: It is customary for the President requested the Prime Minister’s resignation from the government, the latter present. The Elysee ensures that the decision was taken in a perfect “consensus” between MM. Holland and Valls, while Le Parisien reports that Manuel Valls issued an ultimatum to François Hollande: “It’s me or Montebourg” World
  • According to L’Elysee, Hollande had asked the government to resign. According to Le Monde (briefly removed from) would Valls said “it’s me or Montebourg” Who lied? Comment from marco
  • “The president did not take the floor today” on the government crisis has just indicate the entourage of Francois Hollande in the world from the island of Sein, where the head of state has just landed for the 70th anniversary of the Liberation. World
  • “Valls change of government to get out of the political crisis” : Highlights of the World, on newsstands this afternoon
  • The challenge for Hollande and Manuel Valls is now reaching to form a government that is not reduced to a fraction of the Socialist Party and the Radical Left Party. Europe Ecologie-Les Verts meets an executive office in 12 hours. The national secretary of the party, Emmanuelle Cosse, reportedly warned by the voice of his relatives: “If ecologists become ministers is in their own name.” World
  • According to the Elysée, “It’s François Hollande who Manuel Valls asked to hand over the resignation of his government “ World
  • Eric Coquerel, the national secretary of the Left Party, on France Info, hope” Manuel Valls will require confidence in the Assembly “and expects” to all critical members left they do not vote you down. There must be a return to the people. “ World
  • For our subscribers, the story of the last hours: Mr. Valls is to form a new team World
  • Executive Meeting EELV to 12 by phone. #tictac R_Besse_Desmoulieres on Twitter
  • Emmanuel Manuel Valls was commissioned by François Hollande to form a new government. That leaves Prime Minister World
  • The next government will Valls II suddenly? No change of prime minister Comment from Emmanuel
  • It is better to reshuffle a denial Pascal Terrasse on Twitter
  • Pascal Terrasse, member of the Ardèche, is faithful to the line given by the President of the Republic . World
  • Thomas. No, no official reaction yet World
  • What are the reactions of other European countries? Are there any comments Comment from Thomas
  • Adrien: virtually zero. The president has no interest in a solution which could lead to cohabitation World
  • What are the odds of a dissolution of the assembly Comment from Adrien ?
  • According entourage Benoît Hamon, told AFP, the now former Minister of Education is “quite calm” and “at work”. “We have current cases, there is a back on track. “ World
  • sceptique: for now, no, France Info diffuse his log 11:00 World
  • Intervention Dutch radio is it confirmed Comment from? Skeptic
  • The executive is front. The Elysee assured the Agence France-Presse that there was an “absolute consensus” between Hollande and Manuel Valls on the government’s resignation. World
  • After worsened the economic crisis socialist power now opens a crisis policy whose #France really does not need Yves Jégo on Twitter
  • MP UDI Jégo regrets” political crisis “that opens with the resignation of the government. World
  • In the entourage ofmontebourg, some suggest a split of PS become inevitable #oserontils crisederégime # Cédric Pietralunga on Twitter
  • No commentsRoyalSegolene on the resignation of govt. “I continue my work as a minister” #visitecivaux France_Bleu_Poitou on Twitter
  • Segolene Royal, the environment minister, does not seem concerned about his reappointment in the new government: The World
  • France Info reported that the president will talk about their antenna in five minutes Live World
  • ” If ecologists become ministers, it is in their own “name, said the entourage of Emmanuelle Cosse #valls #montebourg #tentation Remy Dodet on Twitter

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