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EELV wants to defend Duflot Housing Act –

EELV wants to defend Duflot Housing Act –

Emmanuelle Cosse, national secretary of EELV during the closing speech of the summer days party, August 23, 2014 in Pessac, Gironde.

Environmentalists “do not let the unraveling of the law ALUR “designed by former Housing Minister Cécile Duflot, national secretary warned Europe Ecologie-Les Verts (EELV), Emmanuelle Cosse.

” Today, estate lobbies say it would be nice to unravel one of the greatest laws of this five-year period, we will not stand on the unwinding ALUR law, precisely because it is one of the greatest laws of the Five-Year “, has said the patron saint of ecologists dicours during his closing days of summer EELV in Bordeaux.

Our time in government has not been in vain.

Emmanuelle Cosse

“Environmentalists have a vision to address the housing crisis,” said she said. “Our time in government has not been in vain, we have fought a number of projects, we have also contributed to legislation and We also defended our vision of the world “.

Emmanuelle Cosse “unacceptable” to touch the Duflot law

“The housing crisis has existed since 2008, ALUR law is a proposal by the president “, said the day Emmanuelle Cosse BFMTV , adding that she was” passed by all the forces of the left. “

Emmanuelle Cosse, it would be “unacceptable to touch an inch.” Regional Councillor and Ile-de-France in charge of housing added: “This is an attack by a great law that will honor the five-year Hollande and it’s a mistake for them to unravel” .

The government is preparing a new “stimulus” in the housing sector, priority issue of school, which “affect taxation, procedures and funding,” said Francois Hollande Wednesday. Measures will be detailed “next week,” he said.

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