Monday, August 18, 2014

Change economic policy? “No way” to Valls – Europe 1

Change economic policy? "No way" to Valls – Europe 1

The Prime Minister says the JDD the bad economic numbers. And against attack

Despite the poor growth figures -. Zero in the second quarter as the first – the government does not intend to change economic policy. It is even “out of the question,” says Manuel Valls as the Journal du Dimanche August 17. The Prime Minister reiterated in the weekly determination of the government, and responds to criticism from the opposition and part of the left.

“No way to change.” Manuel Valls took over the government formulation in recent days talking about the need for the French “a discourse of truth” in the face of zero growth. “The policy that the president has decided to implement takes time to produce results,” he says. “But there’s no way to change it. Pact responsibility and its 41 million decrease in labor costs will actually come out now.”

“The irresponsible.” While some criticize the left hand made too good to employers in this “pact of responsibility,” Manuel Valls believes that “some left (…) hold irresponsible.” For months, the Left Front, the CGT and FO, the former environmental minister Cécile Duflot or even “rebellious” Socialists call President François Hollande and his government to break with the current policy of austerity.

Prime Minister also criticizes the opposition “always wants more.” We make 50 billion in savings. I’m curious to know how she would another 50, “he says.

The French defiant. According to an Ifop poll released on the same page that the statements of Prime Minister by the JDD, more than eight out of 10 French do not trust the government of Manuel Valls on economic policy. This lack of government economic credibility concerns primarily the fight against unemployment, boosting growth and deficit reduction, according to the study

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