Saturday, August 16, 2014

Annemasse: a couple kidnapped by robbers 48 hours a … – TF1

Annemasse: a couple kidnapped by robbers 48 hours a … – TF1

Currency exchange Annemasse, Haute-Savoie , was robbed Saturday morning by criminals who sequester the last 48 hours an employee and his companion at home, to get open the safe door. Used for two months in the currency exchange, the young woman, aged “25 to 30″ was found tied up on Saturday morning in the currency exchange, where “a large sum of money had been stolen,” said the Commissioner of Annemasse, confirming a report by France 3 Alpes.
“This is a neighbor of the currency exchange who, perceiving that the door was open and the establishment of hearing cries, called the police. Inside, the patrol discovered a young woman tied up “but no signs of abuse. His companion of the same age, was found “chopped up” in the van where the couple lived near the station Gaillard, near the Swiss border, where they were were “silenced” and held captive until at steering .
According to preliminary results of the investigation, “the criminals would have visited the property prior to its opening in the company of the young woman on Saturday and allegedly forced to open his safe, “police said. Shocked but not injured, the couple was taken to the hospital. It was to be heard by investigators of the judicial police in Annecy, responsible to clarify the circumstances of the robbery and to identify the assailants.


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