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Disappearance of Christian Bourquin: political reactions – Francetv info

Disappearance of Christian Bourquin: political reactions – Francetv info

Reactions are many following the death of the President of the Regional Council

Hussein Bourgi first federal secretary of the PS . _ “It is with great sadness that I just learned the death of Christian Bourquin, president of the Languedoc-Roussillon, following a long illness against which he fought with courage and dignity.
Hail socialist activist engaged in the service of his ideas that he defended strongly, and I pay tribute to the elected committed to serving its territory of Languedoc-Roussillon for which he harbored a passion
I will remember the memory of his warm voice during our last phone conversation. Monday, August 11 last, the day of the Feria de Millas which he had attended. Christian Bourquin had called me for news and stated that he gave himself 10 to 15 days off before traveling La Rochelle for the Summer School of the PS, where we had lunch and dinner together.
At its close, I present, on behalf of the activists of the Socialist Federation of Herault, our sincere condolences. ”

Françoise Dumas, MP PS du Gard : “Christian Bourquin was a man who never allowed himself to complain, who do not accept that we are talking about his illness and wished to remain in the service of his region to its ultimate strength. It is a true Catalan, a fighter and he gave us a lesson in life, discipline and sense of public interest. “

Françoise Dumas MP PS du Gard

Jacques Cresta, MP PS OP and advise regional d L._ “I just learned very early this morning the loss of a great man, my friend Christian Bourquin. I collapsed by this news. I immediately thought to his family, to his daughter and son, his family, but also for all those who worked with him in recent years. I know their pain and I associates. Christian Bourquin as throughout his life will remain dignified and combative to the end. His fight against this disease has been exemplary.
It’s too early and it’s not a time to celebrate its history, all he has brought to our territory, in Catalan country, our region. His work has always been immense dictated by the defense of the general interest.
I’m sad because I lost a friend, a companion and a dear friend. “

Malvy Martin, president of the Midi-Pyrenees region: “I learned with great emotion his disappearance. I salute the memory of a man of conviction, he defended his ideas with force.
I salute his memory, I did know that his wife is also a member of the government. “

Martin Malvy

Martin Malvy, president of the Midi-Pyrenees

– “I wish to pay tribute to the memory Christian Bourquin, “said Franck Proust – first deputy mayor of Nimes , following European MP’s announcement of his death
A leftist, of course, but we had one. common passion: that of our territory Region loses one of its most ardent defenders All my thoughts are with his children and his family “

Christian Lacass, president of the Greater… Beziers :
“I’ve learned with sadness of the death of President Christian Bourquin and I wish
thereby, to pay tribute to the politician as much as the friend he was
Man fight., I know he’s faced with strength and dignity a terrible disease and I
particularly welcome the courage he showed until the final hours. Today I join the grief of his family and to express all my sympathy at this difficult time “

Pierre Aylaga, PS deputy and mayor of Argeles.” He’s a friend, a brother, a fighter. A man who could unite a true leader and true leaders left one missing. ”

Pierre Alyagas

Pierre Aylagas Argelès mayor and deputy PS

Philippe Saurel, various mayor left Montpellie r and president of agglomeration: “I remember the man committed political, activist, I extend my affectionate thoughts to his family, those of the City Council and those of the Board Agglomeration. “

Philippe Saurel

Reaction Philippe Saurel

The Armande Pellec Muller, president of the Academy of Montpellier and personnel of National Education, Higher Education and Research together: “The Academy of Montpellier had found Christian Bourquin a valuable partner endowed with qualities professional and human exceptional. She endorsed the unanimous tribute paid him “

Jean Codognes former MP, he was one of its main opponents .” I will keep the memory of these magnificent victory in 1997 and 1998 when the department went to the left through our joint efforts. It is now for Hermeline Malherbe President of the General Council of the Pyrénées-Orientales to end cronyism and resume dialogue with all political left “

Jean Codognès

Reaction Codognès Jean, former MP

François Calvet, UMP senator and mayor of Soler : “It’s hard, it’s true that we were political opponents for 20 years but at the same time we met us. “

François Calvet

François Calvet, UMP senator Pyrenees-Orientales

Louis Aliot, vice president of the National Front : “It is a loss for the region, the department of Pyrenees-Orientales, but it’s mostly a loss for the incumbent mayor PS It was the leader. Socialist team. “

Reaction Louis Aliot

Louis Aliot, vice president of the National Front

Stephan Rossignol, Mayor UMP Grande Motte : “Like everyone else I think, I was shocked on hearing his death. Certainly, in the fight against the disease, he passed the area before his health “.

Death of Bourquin, reaction Stéphan Rossignol

Stephan Rossignol, mayor of La Grande Motte


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