Monday, August 18, 2014

Back at high risk for socialist Executive – Le Nouvel Observateur

Back at high risk for socialist Executive – Le Nouvel Observateur

Paris (AFP) – Growth in Bern, soaring unemployment, sling left: the return promises high risk for French President Francois Hollande after weighed down by poor economic performance was that reinforced doubts about the strategy followed by the socialist executive.

Despite criticism from growing and growing distrust of the French, “it is out of the question to change,” yet reaffirmed the Prime Minister Manuel Valls In an interview with the weekly Journal du Dimanche (JDD), it was “irresponsible” those on the left criticize too pro-business policy.

Two years after coming to power of François Hollande More than 80% of the French do not trust the government’s economic policy, distrust as regards the fight against unemployment that reviving growth or deficit reduction, according to a poll published on Sunday by Ifop JDD .

“The return will be difficult,” had already warned the prime minister in early August, even before the publication of official figures Thursday confirmed the continuing stagnation of the French economy since the beginning of the year.

Having had to give up last year to its promise to “reverse the unemployment curve” that never stops growing, the government was forced to end week to revise its economic forecasts and admit that the deficit would exceed 4% of GDP this year, jeopardizing the chances of it back in 2015 under the 3% limit set by Brussels.

– The end of illusions –

“Disaster”, “zero points”, “naive optimism”, “small-arms policy”: the French press fell tooth and nail this weekend François Holland. On Monday, the couple Holland / Valls has come under fire from editorialists for his determination to continue in the same way as the economic situation and public confidence sinking.

If growth is France ” zero “, its” leaders as “they ironically.

” And now, Mr. President? “questioned Saturday Le Monde (center-left) in an incisive editorial, denouncing” the illusions maintained for two years “by the head of state. “For two years, he lost most of his credit + hope this will not + (…) We must now propose solutions. Whatever the political risk,” wrote the daily.

Several hot issues await the government is back in Cabinet Wednesday, as the 2015 budget to be completed Sept. 24, or the announcement of fiscal measures promised in early August after the rejection by the Constitutional Council a device reducing the contributions of the poorest workers.

This censorship of an iconic social measure has provoked the ire of the left wing of the Socialist Party already headwind against the “pact of responsibility” dear to Francois Hollande, which provides 40 billion euros for firms and 50 billion in savings over three years.

Openly critical of the “social democratic” line assumed by the executive, ” slingers “PS announced that they would hear their voice at the end of August Summer party at La Rochelle University (West) as well as during the budget debate

Other mined site. a local government reform undertaken by the government but strongly contested by some socialist tenors, like the old boss of PS Martine Aubry, and the Left Radical Party. Ally in the PS government threatened to withdraw its three ministers if reform was not abandoned.

This defection, considered unlikely for now by commentators, could further weaken the presidential majority in Assembly, already weakened by the departure in the spring of environmentalists.

Six months after his defeat in the municipal, confirmed to European May, the left should also lose the Senate on 28 September, involving the likely tipping Upper right of assembly.

Finally, the icing on the cake, the former president Nicolas Sarkozy on the right is expected to announce in late August and early September it will be presidential candidate of his party, the UMP , seen as a springboard for the presidency in 2017.

A return to Sarkozy that does “not afraid” to François Hollande, assures the president’s entourage, and could, according to the commentators, give “some air” in the midst of a comeback overloaded.


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