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Why Mélenchon wants a break – Le Nouvel Observateur

Why Mélenchon wants a break – Le Nouvel Observateur

Take a step back without giving up future political battles. Mélenchon announced on 22 August, his decision to leave the co-chair of the Left Party (PG), a movement that he founded in 2009 shortly after slamming the door of the PS. A deliberate decision that opens the door to a period of transition, the former presidential candidate of 2012 has to use to review its political strategy. Why is this withdrawal?

To get away from the political and media system

After removal (provisional) from politics is not a surprise. There is a month Mélenchon already confided in an interview with “Hexagons” information online, despite her and the blues site. Worn out, tired of the operation of political and media system, the former Socialist senator already showed his intentions:

I aspire to that level of pressure on me down. It’s been five years of this and it’s not good. You end up not reason as quietly as they should be. “

Man no longer hide his weariness, and asserted that he could not” go on like this, “he had” need sleep, gaping. “

This Friday, the MEP is past formulas acts by releasing the head of a party he often wore mediatically alone. A test much psychological as physical. Everyone remembers his defeat when he learns mine live on the set of 20 hours of TF1 the victory of the National Front in the evening the results of the European elections.

I’m like that, I say, I write and when it will not, it shows on my face, “he said today AFP. “We must face the fact that I’m not like everybody else.”

A 63-year-old from running the TV shows and morning shows on the radio, so he said stop. So as to put out a little more journalists, with whom relations are often conflicting.

To digest its electoral defeats

“There is no crisis or anything be it. ” Jean-Luc Mélenchon beautiful refute any break in the left front, he struggles to hide his disappointment face successive electoral setbacks alliance PCF – Left Party that has long cherished yet. The low score for the movement during the European (6.33%) and dissension displayed openly with the Communists during municipal, have finally convinced the former Minister Lionel Jospin that he is the “difficult time supplanting electorally PS

In his eyes.” sequence [Left Front] was written between two European: they founded the FG for the 2009 European and Next we had to go to the PS. Everything was in place. This was all set for a handful of positions in municipal. “

The already tense relations with the communist boss, Pierre Laurent, have further soured when the PCF decided to forge alliances with several local PS – especially Paris – in the first round of Municipal The “treason” for too Mélenchon which saw shattered his dreams of uniting the left of the left face a PS looking at the center as well say that.. announced visit of Peter Lawrence in the upcoming summer schools PS late August in La Rochelle likely to put oil on the fire.

To rebuild its strategy against the FN

Having acknowledged the electoral impasse rushes the Left Front – at least in its current form, Mélenchon wants to use his “vacation” to think about a new strategy to “unite the people” against the threat today is the National Front. Himself knows something because it is literally knocked out his two duels desired against Marine Le Pen (presidential and legislative elections in 2012). “There is a danger that looks over the country, “predicted the person who believes that Marine Le Pen” will happen “in 2017.

To address this danger, Mélenchon dream” of a left output of a traditional alliance with the PS “nails. His solution? Getting closer EELV, whose alliance with the PG in Grenoble has been successful in the last municipal elections. “We must not see what happened in Grenoble as a simple local episode. It’s a feeling that goes into environmentalists, I believe,” he recently analyzed with the “Dauphine Libere”. A call foot heard by Eva Joly, who in a column published Friday in “Liberation”, promotes the idea of ​​a primary left grouping “New Deal, EELV, the FG and non-socialist Orthodox “for the presidency in 2017.

To prepare the Sixth Republic

But beyond his fatigue political struggles, Mélenchon especially wants to take his political break reflect, to mature his ideas. “The party will fight for the Sixth Republic, our candidate for 2017, that’s life Republic,” says Jean-Luc Mélenchon who says he now fully devoted to this task. According to him, the exercise of power Hollande also shows how the system of the Fifth Republic reaches the end of the race. MEP paints a black picture of the current government policy, and for him, no question of letting “buried with Holland.” We must rethink everything.

And to emphasize that this is by no means a complete withdrawal from political life, Jean-Luc Mélenchon warns that it will publish a book in November “The era of people.” A text that could form the basis for a new start. “The solution is not a political cartel, is the setting in motion of the people themselves,” coward he announced the overhaul of the Left Party illustrates “the new system of combat.”

In his absence, several of his loyal lieutenants, such as Alexis Corbiere, Francois Delapierre or Eric Coquerel, should take advantage of the void left by their mentor, and resume the media torch – at least temporarily. For if the image of the Tribune, a follower of “talking thick and believed” in the 2012 presidential election, now seems far, the man has not given up his political ambitions. It is time for introspection. Go faster with

William Stoll – Le Nouvel Observateur


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