Monday, August 25, 2014

The UMP mayor of Calais wants a shelter for migrants – Info France

The UMP mayor of Calais wants a shelter for migrants – Info France

Twelve years after the closure of Sangatte, Natacha Bouchart, UMP mayor of Calais, wants to create a special purpose vehicle to house 400 migrants “away from the city center and housing.” Refugees and people are divided.

Twelve years after the closure of Sangatte, the UMP mayor of Calais, said that his city is “ subjected to intolerable pressure by the presence larger than never migrants “. The elected therefore proposes to open a reception center for 400 of them, “ far from downtown and housing “. It must speak to the Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, September 2.

Shared inhabitants

Christine’s shopping in the city center of Calais, where many migrants spend their nights, especially in parks. She expects this center for years, so that the refugees “ find a Dignity “. “ They roam the streets, and when it rains they start the shelter in porches. This is not normal for them to remain there without basic hygiene and safety ” , she says.

Others like Jessica, who says she has “ nothing against migrants “, do not see this shelter a very good eye. The young woman, who says she feels insecure, thinking that a center will not change: “ they too habits ,” she considers. Same feeling at Xavier, who fears that the same project attracts more migrants in the city because they feel “ protected .”

Fear conflicts between migrants

A hundred migrants have settled for two months in an old case of the city center, a plot of 14,000 square meters, where health precast were installed by associations. Here, the idea of ​​a true shelter is breathtaking Gassim, a Sudanese 35 years. “ If you live here it’s because we have no choice, he says. is not no water, electricity, we sleeping on the floor. So yes, this center is a good idea . “

But some like Abdou, 29, fear the conflicts that could happen if 400 migrants were in a compartment location. Earlier this month, brawls between Sudanese and Eritreans were fifty wounded.

In the last six months, more than 7,000 migrants were arrested as they tried to reach England by wearing Calais. This is twice as much as last year.


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