Monday, August 18, 2014

Iraq: Morin denounced “the moral disarmament of Europe” – Europe 1

Iraq: Morin denounced "the moral disarmament of Europe" – Europe 1

INTERVIEW E1 – The former defense minister was on Monday called Europe 1 On Iraq, “Europe is absent,” complains-t there.

“Europe is absent. species of moral disarmament of Europe is amazing on all subjects,” Monday denounced Hervé Morin, a former defense minister, on Europe 1 when asked about the situation in Iraq

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“The most continent prosperous in the world, because that is what we are still unable to organize, coordinate to construct a foreign security policy, to rely on these big issues. again was allowed American influence such operations, “complained the president of New Center

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The candidate to succeed Jean-Louis Borloo, the presidency of the UDI, also accuses the government of François Hollande have put forward and have begun shipping weapons even before asking a common European action. “François Hollande tried to decide alone without building with Europeans. Should at least try, and if our partners do not follow, we act. But this government does things in reverse,” laments Hervé Morin.

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