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Migrants: the UMP mayor of Calais wants an alliance with his … – La Voix du Nord

Migrants: the UMP mayor of Calais wants an alliance with his … – La Voix du Nord

She knows that all Calaisiens will not agree with his idea of ​​creating a center for migrants. “ I do not take a step in Calais without crossing a resident who complained about the presence of migrants ,” said Natacha Bouchart yesterday. And Senator-Mayor repeat that for her, at the moment, creating a center of about 400 seats for exiles to Calais is the only solution. “ can not close the borders, anyway, we are in Europe , she loose before shrugging. What do we do? We kill them? It drowns

” Not a Sangatte-bis “

Migrants are there (there are now a thousand in Calais) and geopolitical news suggests that they will still be there tomorrow, “ Face to wars and international conflicts, the flow will continue to increase ,” is convinced the elected


She says she wants to bang your fist on the table. It can no longer be faced with a government “ that does nothing .” She decided to take action: “ I propose to establish the center, but not only . “And that is all the difference, she said, with the Sangatte center closed in 2002.” I am part of a comprehensive approach “, she ad

His plan of attack comes in several points: First, to propose the creation of this center and is set up “ urgently before the end of the year . “

But also” write on Monday a more rational mail and simple as possible to the French and European parliaments, the mayors who, like me, suffer . migration issues “Natacha Bouchart quote” Menton, Nice, Ceuta, Melilla , “but especially Lampedusa:” I’d like to get out there, meet with the mayor and that put pressure on Europe to be helped “Its ambition. imagine all these cities reception points to inform migrants, and to prevent their coming in droves to Calais” where they find themselves facing a wall . ” And, in parallel, “ to reduce migration and reviewing agreements Touquet .”

Reactions divided

The project is ambitious and Natacha Bouchart boasted yesterday of being “ the first to do this type of proposal .” His idea of ​​creating a center for migrants has provoked many reactions to Calais. Responses split in the population as among the associations to assist migrants. For the activist Philippe Wannesson, the idea is bad, “ A reception for hundreds of people cut off from the city reproduce the negative sides of the Sangatte center .” President of the association Salam Jean-Claude Lenoir hand, considers that the project is interesting, provided it is “ conducted jointly with other centers across the department, France and Europe .” The opposition MPs, skeptical, waiting to be put to know more about the project

Only one thing seemed to unanimously yesterday. That the action has the Natacha Bouchart deserves to advance the debate. Who knows if it will manage to do it as change at the European scale …

The Interior Ministry will launch a mission

Place Beauveau, Natacha Bouchart demand could not be met with enthusiasm.

The opening of the center was never in the plans, for fear of creating a focal point. The proposal is not listed as such but it remains on the table. Much thought must engage quickly.

Bernard Cazeneuve will indeed launch next week a large mission. Led by two persons, including a former prefect of the region, it will organize a consultation with all stakeholders, state, local officials and associations, leading to proposals by the end of the year. “ It takes time to listen to everyone and think about the whole situation, but this does not exclude other initiatives before the end of the mission ,” said-t placed Beauveau. Centers, houses and other accommodation solutions, will be discussed.

The Interior Ministry also expects a better European cooperation. All eyes then turned to Frontex one hand, the European agency for border control and migration policy towards the UK.

Bernard Cazeneuve planned to discuss these topics in a European tour that will begin next week. Among the planned steps: Madrid and Rome, faced with the influx from the Mediterranean, Brussels and of course London.

The English capital city Tuesday will start this tour. France will ask better police and judicial cooperation in the fight against the chains as well as support and funding for the position in Calais. “ Our contacts with the UK show that they are aware ,” said one to the Ministry. The government also points to its results in the fight against illegal immigration, arguing that it is better to stop the flow before it reaches Calais.

The Minister of the Interior was and traveling to the Gare du Nord in Paris on Thursday. With some numbers in his wallet of communication: 155 networks have been dismantled from January to July 1378 and those arrested.

In comparison to 203 channels excavated over the twelve months of 2013, this is an increase of 20%.



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