Monday, August 18, 2014

New tax cuts (on credit) for one year regional – Economy Morning

New tax cuts (on credit) for one year regional – Economy Morning

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For the executive, one of the setbacks of the summer was the release of the 2.5 billion euros set down as part of the pact of responsibility and solidarity by the Constitutional Council. It is now for Manuel Valls, Hollande to regain control.

The 500 euros promised through the cracks

And that will strive to make the Prime Minister and the President of the Republic for the start Wednesday of the Council of Ministers. Measures could even be announced to overcome the obstacle of the Constitutional Council ?? I must say that the case is highly political. These € 2.5 billion to be distributed to the less fortunate employees. Smicard had a sheet and see his annual pay increase of 500 euros from 2015 ??

The Government therefore consider targeted measures of comparable height in order not to seem image a fully focused on supply-side policy which, it must be confessed executive, does not give the expected date fruits.

From tax cuts to appease the grumbling

The government also hopes that one of the other flagship rebalancing measures, including tax cuts for the poorest of € 1.16 billion households, will prevent a comeback Hot ?? But the executive will not be able to avoid a crisis simmering in the population that will see some increase levies (complementary health contributions borne by the employer) and trimmed some benefits (reduced ceiling of the family quotient.)

In all, is a budget of € 2 billion as Manuel Valls and his ministers will have to create if they want to appease the discontent of the left of the PS, which fears a new hammering the regional elections of 2015 wing All that remains to be financed, and the economic outlook being what they are (low growth, investment down ??), there will not be much to dig a deficit already under scrutiny from Brussels.


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