Friday, August 22, 2014

An open after the death of an Algerian being expelled investigation – TF1

An open after the death of an Algerian being expelled investigation – TF1

An investigation for “involuntary homicide” was opened Thursday after the death of a Algerian which was to fly to airport Roissy to be expelled from France. The 51 year old man had gone on board a van Administrative Detention Centre (ARC) of Vincennes and “made a malaise arriving at Roissy” told AFP a police source. “The police have found that he was doing a malaise in the van, and despite the aid given, he died of a heart attack,” she has said.

The prosecutor opened a criminal investigation for manslaughter against X as the prosecutor of Bobigny, after an autopsy was performed Friday. According to preliminary results, the transfer was “apparently it” without incident, according to police sources. But the lawyer for the victim, Me Sohil Boudjellal, ensures the contrary, that the context of this eviction was “extremely tense.” “He did not want to get kicked because all remedies had not been exhausted,” he has said.
Five days earlier, on Aug. 16, the Algerian national was violently opposed to the first eviction attempt and had to be taken back to the ARC of Vincennes. It was the subject of a ministerial deportation order on 12 August. According to AFP, he was sentenced more than a dozen times in France since 2000, including theft and fraud and violence, and had been in prison several times. He was incarcerated when the decision to expel him was taken.

No health problems as an association

In a statement, the Association family social service migrants (ASSFAM) said the victim, who “had never reported health problems since his arrival at the detention center,” had “reiterated the evening of August 21 his refusal to take the plane.” “He specifically referred to a hearing before a judge hearing scheduled on August 28,” she says.
An investigation by the General Inspectorate of the National Police (IGPN), the ” Police Fonts “was opened on Thursday evening. “This investigation, conducted under the authority of the prosecutor, will establish precisely the causes of death of this man,” said the spokesman of the Ministry of the Interior Pierre-Henry Brandet. “The missions of removal are always humanly complicated missions. Policemen very often face particularly tense situations. They must manage the distress and anger of individuals who can be extremely violent,” said he added .


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