Sunday, August 24, 2014

Shooting in Montpellier skirmish between mayor and minister – Midi Libre

Shooting in Montpellier skirmish between mayor and minister – Midi Libre


Philippe Saurel had harsh words to you. How have you received?

I understand the emotion aroused by the shooting. These facts are unacceptable and will be punished and quickly. They mobilize all forces working since yesterday (Sunday, ed), relentlessly. I was mayor for twenty years. On such sensitive issues, including those on which the National Front is watching, I’ve always made the choice of the weighting. On the question of security, because I am firmly Republican, I prefer the ethics of responsibility to demagoguery, the truth and the facts to excessive approximations.

What are these facts

Montpellier , statistical indicators of delinquency were healthy. Comparing the first seven months of 2014 to the first seven months of 2013, voluntary bodily integrity of persons fell by nearly 6%, the villainous violence recorded a decline of over 8%, the facts of serious crime decrease 24% with 44 made in 2014 against 58 This remains 44 but made too is far from Chicago . In the fight against crimes related to drug trafficking, labor law enforcement has continued to intensify. The number of suspects rose from 371 in 2012 to 458 in 2014, the number of property crimes is stable. Robberies decreased 8.2%. These are facts, not impressions. I mean the mayor of Montpellier I intend to continue my work with the concern for truth, rigor, weighting, that is to say, a deeply republican spirit.

Philippe Saurel asks 30 police positions. What do you tell him?

I told him, again, looking at the reality clearly. He is fully aware of the situation of the police and gendarmerie in the country for almost a decade. The right and Nicolas Sarkozy have eliminated 13,000 positions of police and gendarmes between 2007 and 2012, we, in a budgetary context extremely constrained, we are continuing the efforts begun at the beginning of five years, which lead us to create each year, 500 positions of police and gendarmes. Regarding Montpellier , the total enrollment of the district has increased from 458 to 470 staff between 1 August 2013 and this year while the number had steadily decreased over the period 2007 in 2012. We then lost 30 positions Montpellier . This effort was general for all constituencies of Herault and it will continue. If Liverpool is not Chicago, this is not the Ténéré.

Of the 30 positions, so it’s not.

We did not vote for the 2015 budget I am not a barker market. I do not advertise positions on the fly thanks to a maintenance release. But as I promised it to the mayor of Montpellier , the resources allocated will amplify the results.

You must come soon in Montpellier. Philippe Saurel told he would not receive if your bags were empty …

The Interior Minister is at home anywhere in the territory of the Republic. It is up to elected officials whether they want the benefit of their city, to comply with republican principles when a minister moves. Philippe Saurel is an elected I respect. That’s why I do not want to talk to him vain polemics.

The letter from the Minister of Interior to Philippe Saurel The Mayor Montpellier

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