Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Morano and sail to the beach: all condemn … except Desire – Le Nouvel Observateur

Morano and sail to the beach: all condemn … except Desire – Le Nouvel Observateur

The output of Nadine Morano, MEP UMP, lamenting the presence of a veiled woman on a beach, divided left and right this Tuesday, August 19. . Roundup of reactions

The UMP disengages Morano

A UMP also is the position of the former Minister Nicolas Sarkozy disagrees:

We have the right to walk around holding one wishes on the beaches, “says Valérie Pécresse and RTL.

Same story with the UMP Hauts-de- Seine, Thierry Solère. “This veiled woman respects the law and this is the only thing that matters. He is not allowed to wear the burqa, but has the right to wear the veil in public places, “says the website of Francetv this close to Bruno Le Maire Info.

” We have a real problem of living together in France, so avoid stirring up tensions and respect the identity and individual freedoms of others, he added.

PS load

Among the detractors of the left is the Minister of Women’s Rights Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, attacking Nadine Morano on Twitter, saying that “behind women’s rights to make political nauseous.”

Like the minister, the PS deputy Jean-Marc Germain, believes that on iTV UMP MEP represents “the worst lines in our country, one that rejects the other, which considers when you are a Muslim, it is not a good French. “

Even criticism from MP EELV of Paris Denis Baupin, who feels that Nadine Morano” use an old trick rancid to dredge . FN “

PS deputies of Seine-et-Marne, Eduardo Rihan Cypel, prefers to call her left to start on the issue of secularism:

Desire understands and vexed his camp

But if the majority of managers have left, unsurprisingly, lambasted about MEP, she was given the unexpected support of Harlem Désir this morning on BFM TV.

I can understand his reaction [...] There is no justification that a woman does not have the same right as a man, “says the Secretary of State for European Affairs.

“I’ve seen this type of situation – not only in France but also in other countries – and I always thought it was ridiculous,” poursuit- he

His comments are bound some PS members. “No understanding for Nadine Morano . Harlem Désir again spoke without thinking. To its credit, it is a repeat offender,” tackle on Twitter elected Hauts-de-Seine Alexis Bachelay.

Nicolas Bays, member of the Pas-de-Calais, is no less severe with the former head of the PS. “ Harlem Désir is not decided to end the spiral of disappointment that it generates !!” he loose.

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