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Summer days in Bordeaux: EELV maintains its criticism of … – Le Parisien

Summer days in Bordeaux: EELV maintains its criticism of … – Le Parisien

<- Hard dé e: 0.026051998138428 sec -> full circle. Environmentalists end this Saturday their summer school in Bordeaux as they had begun: with a forceful critique of government policy. Europe Ecologie-Les Verts (EELV) Thursday began the meetings with the book shock Cecile Duflot “From the inside, journey to the land of disillusionment” in which she sharply criticized Hollande.
<- hard dé e: 0.0050771236419678 sec -> Two days later, they were delighted to hear Arnaud Montebourg, in an interview with Le Monde, calling for a shift in economic policy <. p> The National Secretary of EELV, Emmanuelle Cosse has also said “delighted” that the Minister of the Economy “is a common path with environmentalists.” While she waits to see if it is not “a posture”.

“The line we draw from the start, that the challenge of economic policy, is now reinforced by the slingers, by Arnaud Montebourg,” praised his side the head file environmentalists senators, Jean-Vincent Place. He who was in favor of participation of environmentalists Valls government (unlike his colleague and former minister Cécile Duflot), could not resist adding that the statement of the Minister of Economy “demonstrated that one could be in responsibilities and useful to his camp by a duty of candor. “

unanimous environmentalists to” change course “

For if they are divided on the issue of non-participation in Valls government, environmentalists are unanimous on the need for the government to “change course.”

“The situation has she changed so much since we have entered into a majority government in 2012? Obstacles, we knew. They are still there. Economic policy implementation does not match the one that was announced during the campaign, that’s obvious, “wrote the co-chair of EELV group in the National Assembly, Barbara Pompili, in an internal text.

“The rudder left and does not work well,” also deplores Emmanuelle Cosse, claiming not to give up that “environmentalists are involved in what is happening.”

” We will not let unravel the law ALUR “

Another point of contention between environmentalists and the government, the ALUR Housing Act carried by the housing minister of the time Cécile Duflot. In June, Prime Minister Manuel Valls said he wanted to bring “a number of changes” to the text that is the subject of criticism from professionals.

“Today the real estate lobbies say it would be nice to unravel one of the greatest laws of this five-year period, we will not let them do the unwinding of the law ALUR” warned the patron saint of environmentalist during his closing speech, then that action must be detailed by the government in the coming days.

According to organizers, between 2000 and 2500 people attended these summer days .


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