Friday, August 22, 2014

Mélenchon leaves the co-chair of the Left Party – The World

Mélenchon leaves the co-chair of the Left Party – The World

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, during a demonstration on 1 May

He had hinted at the end of July, citing “can not go on like this” . Mélenchon announced Friday, August 22, he officially left the co-chair of the Left Party (PG), which he founded in February 2009, but he promises to continue the “fight” policy.

He said the withdrawal was part of a reorganization of the party. “We’re changing our dispostif to fit a new strategy” , has he said, adding that “there is no crisis or anything” .

“The party will fight for the VI th Republic, our candidate for 2017, VI th Republic. P our it does not I have to be president of a party. We do not agree to be buried with Holland. “


The one who got 11.1% of votes in the first round of the 2012 presidential added want “learn from what did not work in the European elections” . According to Eric Coquerel, national secretary of the left, this reorganization is done “in a spirit of conquest” .

approached since he expressed a desire to ‘take back “ there is a month of that, this announcement comes on the second day of the Summer School of the Left Party in Grenoble. He said on this occasion:

“At one time, we have to stop running. Because if we run all the time, we will end up putting in a vacuum. And there, I need to sleep, do nothing, bayer [sic] crows. I need time, I can not continue like this. “

In France Inter, first to announce his departure, Mélenchon will attempt to limit his media outlets. It intends to finalize a book whose output is scheduled for October. Meanwhile, as explained by one of his relatives on the radio, it is “organize his silence to bring out its best ideas” .

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