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Center for migrants in Calais: Calais, elected officials, associations help … – La Voix du Nord

Center for migrants in Calais: Calais, elected officials, associations help … – La Voix du Nord

Unbearable .” Several Calaisiens use that adjective to describe the situation. “ It is also good for the migrants and for us ,” Patricia develops. Thus, this is shopping in Calais that the proposed center for migrants is “ interesting but it is not an end in itself. We will have to stem the flow of migrants, because at one time or another, we will reach saturation . ” Migrants are now over a thousand in Calais. For Christophe, Sangattois, even if the center provided by Natacha Bouchart up to 400 migrants, “ will be miles to land there. That’s what happened in Sangatte . ” For many people in Calais keep in mind the former host of The Red Cross center. “ Their idea is not bad as long as they are able to manage this place. ” But not everyone believes it. Carole, a Calaisienne believes that this idea of ​​the center, “ is back to jump further. It will not change anything. Every time there is an event on Calais, the City moves the migrant camp to show a good image, but they always come back to the city center. The center, it’ll be like Sangatte, they will eventually close. We have to stop taking people for pigeons, whether the Calais migrants or . “

There are pros and cons, even as regards the implementation of center. According Natacha Bouchart, he would be far from the heart of the city. Franck, a student who lives in Calais for over a year, found that “ that would be discrimination. Why remove them? If the mayor gave them a place in the city center, it does not bother me . ” Everyone does not agree. Patricia believes that the building would be degraded as “ squats or camps, it’s disgusting. There is plenty of waste . ” Franck, he recalls that “ HLM also deteriorated when there is no supervision. It’s not a question of nationality . “

” This is a very good proposal “

What do community activists ad Natasha Bouchar t? There are mixed but overall, the approach of the mayor is appreciated because it has the merit of opening the debate

-. Wannesson Philippe, author of the blog “Smugglers of ‘hospitality’ : “As it stands, the proposal Natacha Bouchart does not meet the requirements (…) A reception for hundreds of people cut off from the city reproduce the negative sides of the Sangatte center relegation the difficulty of access rights, stigma, violence or deaf open that installs in such a place ghetto. Term solutions are to think on a human scale, and in the urban fabric, thus participating in a normal social life. “

– The” association Calais, openness and humanity “:” The council will necessarily be involved in this project. It is clear that Calais should not bear alone the humanitarian catastrophe unfolding before his eyes. (…) Europe must take responsibility. England must take responsibility. France also (…) So yes ma’am Bouchart, this announcement is important and more intelligent than an information squat or expulsion (…) Maybe it’s time to make bus to Paris and Brussels to impose your views. You may have many more people to carry because we are all in the bus to point to Europe and the French state how they drop the town of Calais. “

– Jean-Claude Lenoir, president of the association Salam :” I think they thought, and as is the bazaar, they said that it had to open camp right away and it was time to think about a permanent solution. I think it is a very good proposal because it will force everyone to think about the topic. You have to be careful about the number: whatever the number listed, if excessive, it is doomed to failure. Sangatte was a failure by the number. It will be interesting if it is conducted in conjunction with other centers across the department, France and Europe. “

– Véronique currency, departmental chair of Catholic Relief :” It is both amazing and this is good news to experiment with other things. The ideal is that everyone can be involved in these discussions and we advance together. At least, it is a door that opens. “


Political reactions

Pierre-Henri Dumont Mayor Marck (UMP): “His announcement surprised everyone, it seems obvious. Now you should see the current situation is not sustainable, reform agreements to Le Touquet and the English border in England. I do not know if a center is the best solution and I do not know if there is a good solution, but why not try if that’s the furthest from Marck. “

Françoise Vernalde Councillor FN Calais: ” The creation of this new center for migrants will not solve the immigration problem. Mrs. Bouchart supports the candidacy of Nicolas Sarkozy in the presidential and is in full contradiction with one who wanted the closure of the Sangatte in 2002 current political leaders of recent years are responsible for this situation, that of having permit and encourage our floor installation and development of the legal and illegal immigration. “

Christopher Duffy, elected European Ecology The Greens councilor in Calais: ” I remain cautious because Natacha Bouchart said and done everything and its opposite. I do not forget it played on the issue of migrants in an electoral perspective and has ignored the humanitarian issues. She did not want a Sangatte but this is a center of 400 seats and will be more. I am amazed at the turnaround. I’m not sure that creating a great center is the panacea but it’s better than nothing. Rather than segregation, I think a city needs to harness the wealth that can bring us the migrants. “

Alexandre Van Kerkhove, former IDU and municipal candidate in Calais: ” Well, I will not say it was the opposite action number 1 I proposed to the municipal. I regret that this has been maligned for municipal and after it is done. Now Natasha Bouchart takes more height in his second term, I hold out my hand because I had the right to propose the center ahead of schedule and I want to participate in the steering committee. “

Philippe Blet, president of the Greater Cape Calais: ” This is an excellent proposal which I fully support. In Calais, we are in a position surreal because prevents migrants to leave. Since the closure of Sangatte, the issue of housing is an ongoing problem. I support this proposal appeasement. We must live together, we have no choice as national and European officials are not able to resolve the border issue, we must show that we, local officials are able to take responsibility. “

Yann Capet, PS advise Calais: ” The proposal, late, has the advantage of being on the table. It’s an evolution in the position of Natacha Bouchart. It was time and I hope this is not a politician posture. His proposal is still unclear, we need to know more about the place, the management mode. I agree about wanting the state to take responsibility and react in relation to a situation that had become untenable. It may be considered smaller, various sites. And Calais became a shelter, education and other communities to take their share hosting for example. “

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