Thursday, August 21, 2014

Cécile Duflot bite left – La Voix du Nord

Cécile Duflot bite left – La Voix du Nord

The stock has the merit of being clear. The strategy of the former minister is equally important. With some audacity to emerge as using the left opposition. In government, we grinned: “ This is a lack of consideration for his colleagues in government and French ,” said Najat Belkacem-Vallaud

And even the Greens. . For those who do not forget that it was thanks to an agreement with the PS Martine Aubry that environmentalists have won many positions of deputies and senators. “ This is a good feedback ,” said Bordeaux National Secretary of EELV, Emmanuelle Cosse which immediately adds: “ Let’s raise the debate !”

No one can dispute the timing of the release of rant and communication skills of the former boss of the Greens in the middle of summer days environmentalists taking place until Saturday at University of Bordeaux. It creates buzz politician August.

So the president does not not decide, want to please everyone? “ For strength to be the president of all, it has been able to be the president of someone . “The tone is rather unusual for a living witness of the interior. “ My Reviews existed when I was a minister and he who knows them best, the President of the Republic . “

We have to look further than the book divides the passage environmentalists (but at home, it’s an old habit), between supporters of opposition to government policy (Duflot so ) and those who prefer the ranks of the majority, participate in government (as Senator Jean-Vincent Place.)

The Member for Paris wants to finally register as a leader of the Left Opposition (not PS). Its former minister position allows him to collect on a truly ecological goal. Policy of public works of the state and odd jobs generalized to an ecological transition

The movement is in a situation somewhat complex and confusing , “ruminates Jean-Vincent Place. Greens of all kinds will have time to discuss all of this tonight at Bordeaux in plenary session on the theme “What is expected of environmentalists? “More than a book!


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