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Duflot charge against Holland: “Extremely severe” judge … – Le Parisien

Duflot charge against Holland: "Extremely severe" judge … – Le Parisien

<- Hard dé e: 0.0076048374176025 sec -> Florian Philippot, vice-president of the FN: “If indeed it was hell to live in this government, I do not see what they are doing for When two years gives lessons at this point, and we took the soup too long, and we did not copy yourself -.’s law is a disaster – we are called to a little more modestiepar of Cécile Duflot seem to turn against her . <- pubComplementsArt ->
<- hard dé e: 0.00045299530029297 sec -> In a book to be published on August 25, “From the inside. Journey to disillusionment, “the ecologist former housing minister of Ayrault government says all the evil she thinks of François Hollande, the” President of person, “and Manuel Valls.

As the days begin Thursday Summer Greens in Bordeaux (Gironde), this rant may exacerbate already high tensions within Europe-Ecologie les Verts. Ecologist Jean-Vincent Place judge Thursday morning attacks “extremely severe”. Former colleagues of Ayrault government are inelegant and inappropriate. Meanwhile, the opposition benefits.

QUESTION OF THE DAY. Do you understand the charge against Hollande Cécile Duflot

“Extremely Severe” Placed.
Guest on BFM TV on Thursday morning, Senator Jean-Vincent Place EELV, is the former Minister of Housing has a “judgment extremely severe” on François Hollande and the government of Manuel Valls. “I think it is too early to review the five-year” says the chairman of the Senate EELV group. And remember: “We helped to get elected Francois Hollande in 2012, we participated in the government for a few months … We are also accountable for this record then.” For him, it’s not “the time of stigmatize the majority in the situation where it is. “

VIDEO. Placed: “We are also accountable for this record there”

“Enough inelegant” finds Pellerin . Among former Socialist ministers with whom Cécile Duflot worked for two years, the Minister Fleur Pellerin interviewed Thursday on Europe 1 is attacking the executive couple, “it’s not very elegant.” “I do not like this way. You can be disappointed, have gripes “but” expose for political purposes at a time when there will be elections again, I think it’s not very elegant. ”

VIDEO. Pellerin: “I do not like this way”

inconsiderate Vallaud-Belkacem . The former spokesman for the government Ayrault, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, sorry “posture Cécile Duflot.” And sees it as “a lack of consideration, first to the office of minister it exerted towards his government colleagues, and to the French.”

VIDEO. Duflot: “His posture is a lack of consideration for the French,” Judge Vallaud-Belkacem

Not very collective Moscovici believes . Other former government minister Ayrault, Pierre Moscovici on i-TV believes that when “is or even a former minister, we must be able to stick together. Let us first of all in solidarity. This does not prevent them from hearing his little music. “

From self-critical application Pécresse. In opposition, we benefits. On Twitter, the former UMP minister of Higher Education, load Cécile Duflot.

tackle Philippot. “If indeed it was hell to live in this government, I do not see what she did there for two years. When giving lessons at this point, and we took the soup too long, and we did not copy itself – the law is a disaster – it is called a little more modesty ” tackle the vice president of the FN interviewed on RTL.

VIDEO. Cécile Duflot: the book “is not a settling of accounts”

VIDEO. Activists EELV “totally Cécile Duflot”


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