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VIDEO. Mélenchon leaves the co-chair of PG, but continues … – Le Parisien

VIDEO. Mélenchon leaves the co-chair of PG, but continues … – Le Parisien

<- Hard dé e: 0.018067121505737 sec -> Accuracy useful: it has nothing of going green. Mélenchon announced Thursday he was leaving the co-chair of the Left Party (PG) on the sidelines of the Summer party being held currently in Grenoble (Isère).
<- hard dé e: 0.086670160293579 sec -> “I did my time organizing the life of a party,” he confided already there one month Hexagons website. And woe to those who would withdraw from political life: “What I’m trying to cook with my friends, it is a device for combat, no retreat.”

The idea, says secretary National PG Alexis Corbiere, is to “get high, not back.” “He was taken to be sometimes in policy issues that took her time, energy kitchen. He has better things to do. “Either explains this close,” lie even more than before in the field of theoretical reflection. ”

Reinvent too. And learn from one marked by “failure” year – that’s Mélenchon himself says – the Left Front. The differences between the PG and its Communist allies on the strategy to be adopted towards the Socialist Party poison the coalition since the municipal March. There has also been very disappointing European May, which strongly affected the Tribune. “We’re not robots … When you see that the FN is leading at 25%, plus a massive abstention, you have the big potato,” admits Alexis Corbiere.

QUESTION OF THE DAY. Jean-Luc Mélenchon he still has a future in politics?

“A movement for the Sixth Republic”

After such a result, impossible, he said, to “continue as before”, “stay on old recipes.” Moreover, it is all the Left Party, which reorganizes. Martine Billard, the other co-chair of the party, it also leaves office.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, which remains “a major component” of the device, wants to “unite the people.” For this, he believes, “we must redefine the rules of the democratic game” and therefore “take the fight to the Sixth Republic.” This is what MEP now employ. “I’ll get to a point to help the formation of a movement for the Sixth Republic,” he announced yesterday, warning: “We will start moving!”

Already , his gaze turns toward environmentalists. At left, we enjoyed the anti-Holland charge Cécile Duflot. As the article published Friday by Eva Joly in “Liberation”, calling for a Sixth Republic, and the organization of a primary left for 2017 And then there Grenoble … Thursday, Mélenchon s’ is displayed with its new mayor, Eric Piolle, the last elected municipal head of a “citizens ‘list’ community including EELV and PG. “Anticipating that makes me dream,” said the MEP.

VIDEO. Mélenchon wants to continue the “fight”



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