Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sarkozy, a “false suspense” Xavier Bertrand – Europe 1

Sarkozy, a "false suspense" Xavier Bertrand – Europe 1

THIS IS ON – MP and former Minister is satisfied that Nicolas Sarkozy has already made the decision to run for president of the UMP in November <. / p>

Nicolas Sarkozy is running for president of the UMP, Xavier Bertrand is convinced. In an interview with Corse Matin published Sunday, the MP and former minister, who was secretary general of the movement from 2008 to 2010, says of the former Head of State: “I am convinced that he has already made the decision to run for president of the UMP. This false suspense will soon end. “

As we pointed out to him a year before he was persuaded otherwise Xavier Bertrand replied: “I relied on his last words He has the right to change his mind.”. He added:. “To tell him why he wants to return to the head of the UMP There are other serious candidates Baroin would, for example, a very good president of the UMP.”. But Xavier Bertrand do not think the deputy mayor of Troyes, in the running for the head of the Association of Mayors of France, “would run against Nicolas Sarkozy.” The election of the president of the UMP will be held on November 29

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The former Labour Minister assures that it will comply with the presidential primaries for 2017: “He will accept a wanted and voted on by members of the UMP during the reform of the statutes. And frankly, who may be afraid of the popular vote rule? “

Are there break between the member of the Aisne and the former head of state? “What break?” Says Xavier Bertrand. “I have no opponent in my political family. The only one I am against is François Hollande. But everyone must accept the difference, the difference in choice, unlike ideas. And this difference, I say so with great freedom of speech that certainly blame me not the author of the book Free “. A book published by Nicolas Sarkozy in 2003

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