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Teachers worried about the fall after the departure of Hamon – Le Figaro

Teachers worried about the fall after the departure of Hamon – Le Figaro

If the former Minister of Education assured that everything was ‘well prepared’, professionals and parents wonder what will be the roadmap for the next occupant of the rue de Grenelle .

What will the next Minister of Education? While 12 million students must return to school in a week and the delicate rhythms of school reform should be extended to all public schools, Benoît Hamon bowed out Monday night, after determining the policy against the Head of State. The school year should not be too disturbed by this game of musical chairs. In any case that the former minister said on France 2: “The return was well prepared, it will be held in 10 days (…) Fortunately, she did not prepare a week in the lead, “he said to reassure worried parents.

Left barely five months rue de Grenelle, the former Minister of Education has tried to defuse explosives several records left by his predecessor Vincent Peillon. It is used especially to ease the difficult reform school timetables, with the publication of a decree governing the return to the four-day week and a half and sealing the relinquishment of the four days. As for the “ABCD equal” supposed fight against stereotypes of girls to boys, the project has just been buried. Faced with numerous controversies raised by this text, Benoît Hamon and her colleague Najat Belkacem-Vallaud decided not to generalize. Only good point for the minister: he gets the maintenance of 60,000 new jobs promised in the five years, we have thought a time threatened

“The arrival. a new minister could put gasoline in the machine of discontent “

This flash resignation is not without worry teachers and parents who s’ question the future “road map” for the next minister. “Will it be the same logic that Vincent Peillon and Benoît Hamon? He will continue the projects initiated by his predecessors? “Asks Frédérique Rollet, general secretary of the SNES-FSU, joined by Le Figaro . Reform of the college’s annual calendar, national conference on student assessment, development of the common core of knowledge and skills that all students should master by the end of compulsory education … The list of current projects is long and the program of the next minister promises charged in September.

“We are also concerned that budget issues in these times crises, just change the direction of educational policy decided so far,” explains the union official who wonders if the creation of 60,000 jobs will be indeed maintained. After all, the issue of political austerity could just as well apply to the national education … “

The burning issue of school timetables

The reshuffle, which falls to a week of school, does not help to bring “appeasement which the school needs” regrets for his part Sebastian Sihr of SNUipp-FSU, the first union of the primary. While the reform of school timetables should be generalized to all schools within a week, “the arrival of a new minister could put gasoline in the machine of discontent, fear Valerie Marty, president of the Peep, the Federation of Parents of public education. It may even be that the yellow jackets, opposed the reform movement, see it as another opportunity to negotiate its repeal. ”

Paul Raoult, president of the Federation of Parent-Teacher, “it is important to reassure parents worried about the future of their children.” “The unemployment rate for youth has never been so strong, we must give them a clear direction and outlook.” In other words, “no retreat” warns the responsible mutual fund, which accuses Benoît Hamon have given a slowdown in reform school rhythms and ABCD equality. “Let a real policy change!”

Delanoë, Royal, Collomb …

If this resignation has generally been understood by the teachers’ unions and associations of parents, some have in the craw. “Benoît Hamon one knew the economic policies of the government. It is not responsible for having built knowing he could leave “plague Valerie Marty, who believes that the former minister made a strategic political choice, to the detriment of the school. The same goes for Frederick Seve Sgen the CFDT: “We’ll see if tomorrow we have a minister or a politician,” said he told AFP.

But who to settle rue de Grenelle? Since Monday, names circulating. Among the most cited, that of Segolene Royal, who has held that position and that of the former mayor of Paris Bertrand Delanoe. Followed that of Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, current Minister of Youth, city, sports and women, or that of the Socialist Mayor of Lyon Gerard Collomb. “We hope it will be as attentive and responsive Benoit Hamon,” hopes Valerie Marty.


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